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3D-skanning av tredje etasje - med rør ring.

– The defendant made a secret room in his harbour, the defendant explained, Christine Lunand explained in the Haugaland and Sonhordland District Court on Tuesday.

She has been working as a forensic medicine specialist in the Sur West Police District working on the Birgit Tings case since the fall of 2021.

Forensic Technician: Christine Lonand of the Sur-Veste Police District has been working on the case since the fall of 2021.

Photo: Marthe Senoff-Johansen/NRK

In court, she showed photographs of the secret room, which had been built as a closet in the houseboat’s bedroom, to the now 52-year-old defendant in the Birgit Tings case.

The room was found during a search during the final stage of the investigation.

But it was completely empty.

In search of any other secret rooms, Kripos 3D Group hooked up last fall to survey the 52-year-old’s detached house, garage and houseboat, as well as his childhood home.

Anonymous photograph of a sea vessel for the Tengs scene

Nawstate: During a search, the police found a secret room here.

Photo: Marthe Synnøve Susort Johannessen / NRK

Drill a hole in the wall

The images cause them to enter the house with drills and a peephole camera.

– The 3D set responded to an area where the wall is drawn in slightly in relation to the other walls, Løland explained, pointing to the images in the county court.

The wall they responded to was on the third floor of the detached house. The police wanted to see more, so they went in and dug holes. Using a peephole camera, they got a good overview of what was inside the wall.

But the police found only study and isolation work.

I found out that someone was in the house

The confidential investigation into the accused began in March 2019 after police received the report which showed that DNA from Tengs’ tights could be linked to the 52-year-old.

The DNA found on the pantyhose is the police’s most important piece of evidence at the trial, which will be held in Haugaland and Sunnhordland County Court until Christmas.

On several occasions, the police entered the defendant’s home to, among other things, gain access to the contents of a computer.

On one such occasion, a lock knob on an interior door was placed in the wrong position.

This made the 52-year-old suspect that someone was inside his home.

Then he installed a surveillance camera on his house.

In his explanation about two weeks ago, he said he suspected writer and journalist Bjorn Olaf Jaher was inside.

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