Kris Jenner accused of Photoshop defect

Kris Jenner accused of Photoshop defect

The Kardashian-Jenner family has for several years been one of the most talked about families in Hollywood and the rest of the world for that matter. They already came to the limelight in the series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and since then they have been on “everyone's” lips.


  • Kardashian celebrity Kris Jenner shared a set of photos on Instagram to pay tribute to her best friend Shelley Azoff.
  • The photo of Jenner in a bikini sparked speculation about whether she used Photoshop or got silicone, as many believe that her breasts look different.
  • The debate raged on social media, but Jenner did not comment on the matter.
  • The family has previously been accused of editing photos, including those of her daughter, Kim Kardashian.

With that kind of fame comes devotion from loyal fans, but also being judged and watched with an eagle eye. It takes a lot of time for someone from a world-famous family to make a “commotion” without being noticed.

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This is the case now. Kris Jenner, 68, the “momager” and reality star, recently shared a set of photos on Instagram. The post is a tribute in honor of her best friend Shelley Azoff on her birthday.

– Did she have silicone?

“We have shared so many wonderful moments over the past four decades, and I am so grateful for the friendship, love, laughter, joy, support, fun times, and endless surprises you have brought into my life,” Jenner wrote.

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In the photo carousel above, she's included a number of photos from their long friendship, but there's one photo in particular that's captured attention online. There is a photo in which the two friends appear swimming in the sea, and Jenner is wearing a black bikini with white dots.

Many people are now speculating whether the “photographer” of the world has ever encountered an image that was too small in Photoshop.

Breaking the silence: On Tuesday night, July 21, Kanye West took to Twitter to criticize Kris Jenner, among others, and now she is breaking her silence.
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according to daily Mail The accusations are being praised, among others, on the online forum Reddit, where many are questioning the fact that Jenner is apparently even more broke than before.

“Did Kris Jenner get silicone? Or is it just Photoshop?” someone asks.

Another wrote: “This is the worst thing I've ever seen when it comes to Photoshop.”

-You're trying too hard

-You're trying too hard

A third thinks the “boobs don't look good” and claims they must have been Photoshopped.

It has been set

Jenner herself has the opportunity to comment on whether the photo was indeed edited, but this is not the first time a member of her family has been accused of resorting to digital assistance.

Her daughter, Kim Kardashian (43), has been accused on a number of occasions of editing her photos. Just under a year ago, she was charged again, but this time with evidence.

Race against rumours: Kris Jenner has rocked rumors that she had a hot night with American footballer OJ Simpson. Video: TV 2 Sumo/Red Runner
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Kardashian shared a photo of herself from the Louis Vuitton fashion show, but the original photo showed that the photo she shared had been edited.

She appears to have fixed her stomach, arms, waist, breasts, shoulders, jaw, and chin.

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One follower commented at the time: “This is sad… her body is amazing as it is!” She herself did not comment on the error in the photo.

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