Kristen Gelsvik: – Divorce decision: – I didn’t know anything

Kristen Gelsvik: - Divorce decision: - I didn't know anything

This summer, Kristen Gelsvik, 36, and Dennis Bobby Thorsen, 31, confirmed They went their separate waysAfter more than ten years as lovers. Together they had a son, Falk (3).

in the podcast »Ida with her heart in her handLed by Ida Vladen, 36, Jelsvik reveals how the former couple came to the difficult decision to go their separate ways.

reveal: After a wet lunch at “Den store matfesten i Toscana,” Kristen Jelsvik’s stomach complexed when the next task required focus. Video: Discovery Plus.
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Break up on vacation

For Fladen, the influencer can tell that the breakup didn’t happen as suddenly as it might seem. The corona pandemic has been a challenge for the former couple, and the time since has also introduced uncertainty.

After much back and forth, Jelsvik decided that was enough. At that time, she was vacationing in Spain with her parents and son.

– I think I only wrote to him when I was in Spain on vacation with my parents actually. That this ain’t life anymore, and I’m going to announce this today, because I can’t stand this – to stand here right now and don’t know what to really say to my family or say to the outside world, she explains.

– My mom and they didn’t know how far we’d come in the breakup process. It was a somewhat special vacation.

tears: Kristen Gelsvik starts crying when she talks about this. It can be watched on Discover + and on TVNorge 20.30 Video: Discovery +
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The influencer describes the day as “absolutely amazing,” but she was happy to make the decision at the same time she was vacationing with loved ones.

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Sell ​​your dream home

Gelsvik left “both anger and desperation mixed with a little excitement”. When she came home from vacation, it was already planned that her son Falk would go on a camping vacation with his grandfather and grandmother.

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– Then I drove him to Hallingdale, after which I had a week’s leave. Single, free and beautiful weather in Oslo, had a lot of fun plans with great people. I felt so good and cute, put on some sexy dresses and had no problem being a little flirty in tone, and being allowed to.

Before the separation, it became known that Jelsvik and Bobby were in the process of building their dream home in the latter’s hometown, Stavanger.

Outside: Lasse Matberg went solo just before the recording of “Skal vi danse” began, but had the opportunity to comment publicly on the breakup before he left the competition on Saturday. Video: Luna Leah
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However, the dream of the house did not come true, and once the house was completed it would be put up for sale.

“Sad to the core, of course, when I was involved from the beginning of the process to create the final house…we were meant to live here forever,” Gelsvik answered when asked what would happen to the house During a round of questions about the story of Insgaram.

The 36-year-old lives in an apartment in Berom. Bob lives in Stavanger, where he opened a pub.

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