Kristen Jelsvik confirms her new boyfriend

Kristen Jelsvik confirms her new boyfriend
Not the one: Kristen Jelesvik says on a podcast that she has a boyfriend. – I look forward to everything we will do, you say.

Influencer Kristen Jelsvik, 36, refers to her boyfriend as the man she envisions spending the rest of her life with.


Last summer, Jelsvik opened up about the truth about her split from Denise Bob Thorsen, 31.

Since then, Jelsvik has revealed that she has met a man, but in the latest episode of Jelsvik’s podcast “Singel,” she confirms for the first time that he is now her boyfriend.

– I’m not single. I have a friend. And this is the man I fantasize about living the rest of my life with, says a distinctly elated Jelesvik.

SMILING BRIDE: – I can say I’m not single at all anymore!

Spontaneous trip to Copenhagen

In the podcast episode, Jelesvik tells how the two started chatting on Tinder on Friday, and then met up on Sunday.

– Then we met again on Tuesday, and the weekend after that, and then we went to Copenhagen, says Jelsvik.

“I get goosebumps, it’s so warm,” says influencer Oyon Krug, who hosted the episode with comedian Rasmus Wold.

– It’s actually the best way to get to know each other well. So either everything will go to hell and you’ll be away for the weekend with someone you don’t like and you’ll be awkward and have nothing to talk about after the trip. Or it could be just the opposite, Jelsvik says.

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Summer Birds: Kristen’s first ever Tinder date was a complete success.

– amazing

And just the opposite happened.

– The whole trip was great. Just meeting at Gardermoen… So I only met him in the evening over a couple of glasses of wine and we had some good conversations, but I didn’t get to see him very often. And he was like, “Oh my God, do I even remember what it looks like?”. It was about that level, says Jelsvik.

But not just for Jelsvik who loves flowers during the day. Rasmus Wolde confirms in the same episode that he has also found a girlfriend.

Watch Kristen Jelsvik talk about dating from December 2022 with the VG Ramp:

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