January 28, 2023


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Kristen Quinn from "Selling Sunset":-

Kristen Quinn from “Selling Sunset”:-

In May, ‘Sunset Sale’ became the star Kristen Quinn (33) Christian Richard’s husband is the parents of little Christian Georges Dumont.

On the other hand, childbirth must be a nightmare. The new mother wrote on Instagram that she is happy that she and her son are still alive.

The Netflix profile was in a very uncomfortable place when his son decided to go out into the world. was recording, Two weeks before the semester. The birth ended with an emergency caesarean section with the umbilical cord around the baby’s head.

“Baby C was just seconds away from failure,” the reality star explained in the post.

panic attack

Through the “Sunset Sale,” viewers can follow Quinn’s pregnancy. Now, however, the reality star is revealing that her pregnancy experience was very different than how it was portrayed on screen.

– In the series, they make fun of me leaving too late. It was because of my panic attacks and I was afraid something might go wrong with my pregnancy, the real estate agent said publicly and Canada.

The 33-year-old also says that she privately suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and postpartum depression after the tragic birth.

PTSD is described as a mental disorder that occurs after a stressful life event, which can be treated, among other things, with cognitive therapy, according to Lumleggen.

Quinn describes her workplace, Oppenheim’s office, as “the lion’s den,” and believes her colleagues have rotted together, something she says was hard to deal with.

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– The problem I had with her was that everyone said, “Well, she’s too skinny, she’s so, she’s so.” But on the inside, I suffered from PTSD.

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He received criticism after the yoga scene

The reality file admits that the situation was painful, especially on top of what she was already going through. Quinn also believes that the way the series was cut incorrectly portrays reality, according to ET Canada.

After showing little Christian’s arrival on screen, Quinn appeared in a yoga practice scene. But she was still pregnant there, and the clips were not shown in chronological order, she claimed.

In addition, the real estate agent claims that it was only photographed from the chest up. Therefore, Quinn was criticized for training her shortly after having an emergency caesarean section.

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Season 4 of “Sunset Sale” was challenging for Quinn for several reasons. When new real estate agent Emma Hernan, 29, enters the series, Quinn and Hernan discover that they share the same ex-girlfriend. According to Quinn, women were encouraged to make an argument for it. you say that Sixth page.

None of the other “Sell Sunset” files or productions have commented on Quinn’s accusations.

– I was upset every day we did it because it’s not something I really want to talk about. It’s not something I really cared about.