Kristen Stewart is engaged – VG

Kristen Stewart is engaged - VG
Engaged: Kristen Stewart, who currently plays Princess Diana in “Spencer,” is ready to get married. Here she is pictured during the Los Angeles premiere in October.

She revealed that she was engaged to her boyfriend Dylan Meyer on ‘The Howard Stern Show’.


Writes BuzzFeed on their websites.

Kristen Stewart (31 years old) has been in a relationship with Meyer for almost two years. To Howard Stern, she said she wanted to be free. And now it happened.

We are going to get married, we will surely do so, says Stewart to Stern.

Also see Stewart as Princess Diana:

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Kristen Stewart publicly came out as Bella on the popular TV series Twilight which first aired in 2008. Soon, rumors started circulating about an affair with her male counterpart on the series, Robert Pattinson, which turned into a voice. .

She previously told Kristen Stewart, including Howard Stern, that she was at the time drenched in love In her childhood friend, she fails to prevent the budding infatuation with Robert Pattinson.

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Now, Kristen Stewart is related to the role of Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’ which premiered in London in October. The role’s effort has already attracted the attention of critics, and many have argued that Stewart’s efforts deserved a statuette for an Oscar.

The film will be shown in cinemas in Norway on January 7 next year.

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