Kristiansund BK, Bodo Glimt | He was suspended for 35 matches. Now he speaks: – Kind of funny

Kristiansund BK, Bodo Glimt |  He was suspended for 35 matches.  Now he speaks: – Kind of funny

The fan has been banned for 35 matches after making hateful comments during the weekend's match between Kristiansund and Bodø/Glimt.

The person made homophobic remarks directed at Glimt players, prompting Patrick Berg to respond strongly.

In an interview with Tydence Kraff On Tuesday, the person says it's human to “make mistakes in the heat of battle.” Furthermore, the person in question claims that he or she said what was said in an attempt to “annoy the opponent.”

– Kind of funny

The fan is said to have repeatedly shouted homophobic remarks after Bodo/Glimt took a 3-2 lead at the Nordmoor Stadium.

Thus Captain Glimt Berg was angry and gave a clear message that this was unacceptable.

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The person in the stands is said to have shouted “faggots”, “fucking gays” and “homosexuals” at Berg and other players wearing yellow.

So the person is suspended for 35 games for shouting, and must also agree to a behavior change program before he can return to the field and see his team and see some teams play again from the stands.

Tidence Kraff, the person involved, says he still stands by what was said during the match.

– I think it's a bit funny that there's so much hype about it. It became quite a circus, and there was a lot of writing.

– I shouted it to excite the opponent's psychology, that was the intention. Then I suddenly found out that there was a guy on the team wearing a hair tie, and then I thought he was “gay.” Then he slid. It's a human thing to let go of words and expressions when you're feeling down. no one is perfect.

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– Popular sports for men

Captain Glimt Berg pointed out following the match that there were children on the field and therefore such behavior was inappropriate. The person acknowledges that this is true, but also points out that football “is a men’s sport and you have to put up with coarse language.”

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The person also mentioned that this weekend's match was his first KBK match in a long time. It will also be his last for a while.

However, the person says he is willing to undergo an attitude building program so he can get back on the field.

Incidentally, it was Bodo's team that won the Elitseren match on Sunday, 4-2.

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