Kristiansund, Christmas | Christmas in Fujin:- This can be a relaxing experience before Christmas

Kristiansund, Christmas |  Christmas in Fujin:- This can be a relaxing experience before Christmas

On Sunday 27 November – the first Sunday in Advent – between 3pm and 7pm there will be a series of activities outside the Kulturfabrikken and up to Mellemværftet. Because she will Christmas in Libra is arranged.

– We hope the weather gods are with us, but it’s almost Christmas time, so maybe we’ll have to put up with a little stormy weather. Dress warmly and get in a good mood, and that can be a relaxing experience before Christmas, says Brett D’Angelo at Ramsellwho regulates the market.

– Now we don’t have room for more

Basically, Jul i Vågen is organized as an outdoor and old-fashioned Christmas market.

– But we also have some sales places within the Kulturfabrikken. A total of 60 people signed up, distributed over the entire district, and now we don’t have room for more, D’Angelo writes in an email to Tidens Krav.

She says there will be a great variety of goods for sale.

– Christmas food, a variety of Christmas gift ideas, flowers, hot food, born wine, Santa porridge, fire coffee, sweets, Christmas decorations, knitwear, wood products, crafts, jewelry, pictures, ceramics, cakes, Santa Claus And much more.

Entertainment from several actors

There is also a lot of entertainment on the market. Among other things, dancers come from Opera in Kristiansund. There will also be a children’s choir, marching band, reading time for the little ones, singers from young sceneand an open air museum where kids can make their own lucky charms.

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Additionally, D’Angelo says this is in the entertainment show:

– Animals from the farm, horseback riding, walking around the Christmas tree at 5 pm, the mayor as Santa Claus and the men preparing cake for the children as far as possible.

The Ramsailt charity group is the organiser, along with Nordmøre Museum. Ramselt consists of seven people:

  1. Norlf Hegem.
  2. Cecil Mjons Bergsnef.
  3. Tove Axness.
  4. Ronald Johansen.
  5. Inger Brit Hoem Oven.
  6. Eva Hallas.
  7. Brett D’Angelo.


Kristiansund has a long and fine tradition of clipperfish. Since the early 18th century, the rock fishes and mountains in and around the town have been absolutely crucial to the development of this beautiful gem on the northwest coast.

Ramsailt is an organization that wants to focus on Rockfish, what it means to life in Kristiansund and will contribute to Kristiansund being a proud rockfish city.

(source: Ramsell)

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