Kristiansund Technical Committee – Kristiansund Municipality

Kristiansund Technical Committee – Kristiansund Municipality

The committee's mission is to be a professional decision-making body for all professional artistic projects in public spaces under the auspices of the municipality. The committee should place particular emphasis on comprehensive thinking about the design of public spaces in the city.

The Kristiansund Technical Committee consists of:

  • Artist and Board President: Brett Dearness
  • Art Historian: Camilla Wick
  • Architect: Idun Edi Sandin
  • Cultural Unit: Toril Schramm (Cultural Director)
  • Actor-Politician: Sigve Turland
  • Youth representative: Anton Cerlici

Case Manager: Art and Culture Subject Coordinator, Culture Unit.

The committee operates in accordance with the guidelines of the art (PDF, 686 KB) In Kristiansund Municipality Approved by the Main Committee of School, Kindergarten and Culture on November 4, 2020.

The technical committee must:

1. Consider whether or not you should undertake a concrete decoration project. In the evaluation, the Committee shall take into account in particular the views relating to operation and maintenance, whether the artwork is suitable for dissemination in public places, assess whether the art is based on the appropriate person or event, as well as its artistic quality and significance. .

2. When acquiring a work of art, consider where it should be placed in buildings and structures, or in outdoor public spaces, with the aim of maintaining a holistic approach to developing art in public spaces.

3. Appointing a consultant and/or artist in municipal investment projects.

4. Be the external voice of the municipality, and can speak on everything related to spreading art and decoration in public places.

5. Regarding gifts in the form of art, including all types of art objects, sculptures and installations, that you wish to make to Kristiansund Municipality, the Art Committee must evaluate whether the gift should be received or not.

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6. Preparing concrete artistic plans for the individual artistic project.

7. Contribute to the preparation of a comprehensive technical plan for the municipality of Kristiansund.

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