Kulos ended in drama: – was very scary

Kulos ended in drama: – was very scary
Drama: A tent trip ends with two families hospitalized due to coal poisoning. Fortunately, those involved are doing well today.

What was supposed to be a comfortable camping trip for two families ended with hospitalization. Now one of them tells about the journey.

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Namo Darin, Hiva Moradi and their two families were on a camping trip at Denkestallsvatnet on May 17. There were a total of six adults and four children on the trip.

– When we agreed to go camping together, we celebrated May 17 together with bunat, children’s train, coffee and good food in a restaurant, Tarin tells VG.

– The plan is to be there for the whole long weekend, his friend Moradi said earlier that we are going to go fishing, go hiking and swimming. Stavanger Aftenblad.

Out on a trip: The day after the dramatic tent trip, Namo Darin is back to normal. Here he goes on a mountain trip.

Ended up in hospital

It was devastating when many people got symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. All 10 were admitted to Stavanger University Hospital on the night of May 18. Some with obvious symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, others for observation.

– Many things have been said and written. Among other things, we barbecued in the tent or barbecued in the tent while we slept. Darin says that is not true.

Now he wants to fix the look. He says they are experienced trekkers and camp at least 10-12 times a year from April to November.

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Heating the tent: The cylindrical object in the picture is the low stove they used to heat the tent. Here it is located by the campfire, six meters from the tent entrance.

– We set up the tent and lit a fire in a fire place about six meters from the entrance of the tent. It started blowing into the tent, and the back of the tent was probably full of CO₂. He tells Viji that we opened the tent doors and window to ventilate and everything is fine.

What is referred to in the media as a charcoal grill or grill starter is actually a cylindrical low oven that burns coal, he says. According to him, it should be suitable for use in tents.

– The user manual says you can fire with coal. You light a fire outside the tent and wait 20 minutes for everything to light up. It can be used inside the tent. Then take it out and open it up and let fresh air in, says Darrin.

– We listened to music and had fun, he says about that fateful evening.

He says they didn’t sleep with the microwave oven inside the tent and took it out early.

Investigator: Namo Trulson is grateful for the assistance of the hospital, police and fire service. The photo shows police at the scene the day after the tent trip.

Woke up panting

While others went to bed, he and his friend sat outside smoking and went to sleep around 2 am. Fortunately, they rose again.

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– I heard loud breathing from my friend’s wife. I noticed that she, my wife and my mother-in-law were both struggling to breathe. All three were very bad. Me and the children are not bad, he says.

– Are you scared?

– Of course I was very scared. It is about a human life. With her I share my life, the mother of my children. We were very scared, very nervous, very stressed, says Viji.

– I would like to thank the Air Ambulance, Police and Fire Service. They were also available quickly. They were reliable and helped us a lot, he says.

When Viji talks to Namo the next day, he is on a hike.

– How are you now?

– I am on a mountain trip, my friend Hiva is at work. They are planning a barbecue today. Actually, we were planning to go to Tengesdalsvatnet today, but the tent was destroyed by the helicopter.

– How are the children?

– They were fine in the hospital, well cared for there. In fact, they wanted to go on a camping trip again the same day.

Police did not comment on the case on Sunday. Police announced on Friday to NRK No charges will be laid against anyone in the tour group.

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