Kurt Nielsen is ill with Corona – concerts must be postponed again

Kurt Nielsen is ill with Corona – concerts must be postponed again
Kurt Nilsen has to be postponed due to Corona and he has to postpone concerts in Oslo Spektrum tonight and tomorrow. The concert on Monday went according to plan, but on Tuesday morning Nielsen fell ill.

Last year, Kurt Nielsen (44) had to move his closing Christmas concerts to this year because of Corona. Now the corona nightmare continues. Oslo Spektrum concerts tonight, Tuesday and tomorrow must be postponed.


Unfortunately, the remaining two concerts cannot be held at the Oslo Spektrum. Again, it is the halo that has caught us. The previous two times there was a lockdown, and now it’s Kurt himself who has contracted coronavirus, Nielsen manager Jan Fredrik Karlsen tells VG.

Hence, there will be Christmas parties next year for Kurt Nielsen, too. The remaining two concerts will now take place on December 20 and 21, 2023. Anyone with tickets for tonight and tomorrow will be contacted and offered to carry over this year’s tickets to next year.

Kurt Nielsen postpones Christmas parties in Oslo and Bergen until next year

– We had a magical evening at Oslo Spektrum last night, but when he left the stage, Kurt felt that everything was not as it should be. Carlsen says he wakes up this morning with corona.

Like the others involved, he’s very unhappy about having to cancel just hours before the concert starts.

We are of course very sorry. There are tears in the eyes of both Kurt and the rest of the production. It seems that fate does not want us to end this Christmas adventure, says Jan Fredrik Carlsen.

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Kurt Nielsen himself shares rental news on Instagram.
“Apologies. It is with a broken heart that I must inform you that I unfortunately have to cancel the remaining concerts at Oslo Spektrum,” he writes.

Kurt Nielsen also thanks everyone who came to this year’s Christmas parties, and especially salutes those who got tickets tonight and tomorrow.

“Dear audience,” Nielsen wrote, “it looks like 2022 won’t be the last year for carols after all.”

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Kurt Nielsen ended his tours at Christmas: – An era has ended in his career

Kurt Nielsen, 42, spoke. Next year will be the last with a Christmas tour.

Kurt Nielsen had actually indicated that he would end the Christmas touring series already in 2020, but the pandemic effectively put an end to his desire to “end a bang” before Christmas last year. Concerts in Oslo and Bergen have been moved this year due to audience restrictions.

– There is no arrangement for every day that can compensate for the huge losses that we will face as a result of the new restrictions. Nilsen’s manager, Jan Fredrik Karlsen, explained to VG at the time, that this made it irresponsible and out of the question for these concerts to be held as planned.

It was about 41,000 tickets for Oslo and Bergen and a sales loss of NOK 25 million. For your information, the ongoing compensation scheme for cultural life at that time for November and December had a maximum support of NOK 3.5 million.


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