Kurt Nielsen is investing heavily in a new industry

Kurt Nielsen is investing heavily in a new industry

The career of artist Kurt Nielsen (43 years old) has proven over several years to be a money machine of the highest order.

In the two years leading up to the pandemic, Kurt Nielsen’s company earned 17.1 million from Christmas parties. This is evident from the review Bergens Tidende Done by Nielsen Companies.

Figures from last year also show that Nielsen received 2.25 million NOK in government compensation, as a result of parts of the Christmas tour being canceled.

However, he took 2.7 million in profits from the holding company Lord Holding Company AS.

In addition, 260,000 were taken from Lloy Records AS earnings.

Fascinated by the construction industry

And now Kurt Nielsen’s new venture is beginning to bear fruit.

Under the supervision of the parent company Lord Holding Company AS are Lord eidenmidmer AS and Lord Prosjekt AS, both of which aim to buy, sell, lease and develop real estate and plots of land.

The company’s predecessor has Kurt Nielsen as chairman and partner Tori Hokas as general manager. Haukaas is also the Managing Director of Lord Prosjekt, with Nilsen listed as one of the board members. Here, their company owns 50 percent of the stock.

They started investing in the real estate industry in 2019.

In the next two years, during which they got their operations back on their feet, the companies incurred a loss. Last year it turned out, and the two companies can show an operating income of more than five million kroner. In 2021, both companies also made solid profit.

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The plan is to develop land plots in the Bergen region.

– I’m not sure I’ll be on stage for the rest of my life. The construction industry has fascinated me for several years. It’s fun to do, and I’m not very good at spending money on myself. But we are still in the early stages, Nielsen added Bergens Tidende In connection with the incorporation of Lord Properties.

work for profit

Although they are still in the start-up phase, Nielsen and his partner are now well underway in corporate governance.

In August, Lord Prosjekt sold Kurt Nielsen’s home in Bergen for NOK 11.9 million. He bought the house in 2020 for NOK 7.1 million, bringing Nielsen a good profit on the sale.

– I bought it just before corona. When I first closed Norway, I figured I could properly refurbish it, Nielsen told Bergens Tidende on the occasion of the sale.

Lord Prosjekt has also, among other things, bought and sold several development projects for cabins in Hardangervidda in the past two years.

After last year, Lord Eiendommer sat on plots of land and property approaching NOK 13 million. Lord Prospect, which started in 2021 and deals mainly with real estate development, last year had projects under construction worth NOK 3.5 million. This is illustrated by figures from the Brønnøysund Register.

Good evening, Norway has been in contact with Nielsen’s manager, Thomas Haujom at Tune-In, who does not wish to make any further comments.

Good evening, Norway has tried to get a comment from Nielsen’s partner, Tori Haucas, but to no avail so far.

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