Kylie Jenner: It’s hard to get out.

Kylie Jenner: It's hard to get out.

that it It’s not uncommon for the Kardashian and Jenner clan to make headlines All over the world, with whimsical discoveries, exciting details or family drama.

Now he is the youngest man in the herd to roam again.

Kylie Jenner (24) He is now accused of trying to extradite a lie, after he posted a video of it on TikTok, writing E.

Kardashian: When Kendall Jenner was cooking, she did something that got viewers engaged. Video: Disney + / Red Carpet. Reporter: Anna Celine Hanisch.

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Bidder Pablo Tamayo (20), who has over 400,000 followers on TikTok, posted a video claiming to have served Jenner food while working for Instacart.

Instacart is an American service that delivers food and groceries at the door.

– I heard a baby screaming

In the video, Tamayo tells that he delivered a $12 box of pepperoni to her home in the Los Angeles area. He is said to have recognized the house from photos on the Internet.

– This bitch could have paid me more, says the 20-year-old in the video, which has since been removed.

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Further in the video, we see him go up to the house, where a guard asks if it’s Jenner’s house. Tamayo was asked to place the order outside the front door, but said he managed to get a look inside before it was sent away.

– I saw all those helpers and maids. I haven’t seen Kylie or her daughter, but I promise I did hear a baby scream.

MOQ: Kendall Jenner gets made fun of for cooking – again. Reporter: Anabelle Bruun / Dagbladet TV
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Comment on the accident

Although the messenger wrote that he “couldn’t invent stories like this” during the video, Jenner is now making sure the story cracks.

The mother of two posted a video of herself making a pepperoni sandwich, and it appears she used the comment field to process the video.

– Nobody comes by my gate! Lying to get attention does not suit me. I didn’t order this myself and got tips through the app. I wrote in the comments section: He’s lying about looking through my windows and hearing my son cry.

The message was deleted recently, but not before e I managed to catch him.

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I have a son

In February came the news that reality star And that Girlfriend of world famous rapper Travis Scott (31 years old) They became parents for the second time.

Shortly thereafter, it was also revealed that the little boy would be called no less than Wolf Webster. A name he hadn’t had for over a month, before the parents said the boy should be given a new name because they felt it didn’t suit him.

The name remains unknown, and Jenner still shares a recent family scholarship photo.

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