Kyrre Hellum was a deserter from the Lillehammer Olympics and an unrequited love

Kyrre Hellum was a deserter from the Lillehammer Olympics and an unrequited love

– So, in the year I was twenty, a tremendous amount happened in my life. It was probably the most formative year I’ve had.

Shoe player Kerry Hillum, 49, remembers life as a 20-year-old.

The year was 1994 and young Hilum lived in Spain to study Spanish, experience the world, get away from unrequited love, and avoid the Olympics in Lillehammer.

– I didn’t like everything about the event: the self-righteousness, the aesthetics, and Bjorn Dili, writes Hellum in an email to

Italy’s Silvio Faunier in the final race against Norwegian sports champion Bjorn Dili. Photo: Odd Arne Husum/Wikimedia Commons

Uncertain direction in life

You may have seen it in movies like Empty barrels, poor musketeers or full coverage. Or maybe as a healer Carpenter at King of Christmas?

Currently, shoe dancer Kyrre Hellum can be seen in “Det såkalla heisstykket” at Oslo’s Det Norske Teatret, a social satire of German Nis-Momme Stockmann.

But it was not, of course, that young Hilome would become a shoemaker.

At the time, I had no idea what I would become or what direction life would take. The time horizon in part of my life stretched from month to month. Tasty!

Kyrre Hellum anno 2023 and co-starring Carl Martin Eggesbø in the so-called elevator segment. Photo: Dag Jenssen/Det Norske Teatret

“Now it begins!”

Initially in Spain, Kerry Hillum studied Spanish at the University of Madrid, before moving to the university city of Granada.

Despite the fact that he did not have itsufficient academic abilities”, the dream was nonetheless to become a wise, brilliant and controversial academic/intellectual with a sharp pen that rebukes society, exposes hidden power structures, and with these discoveries should free people to become independent and critical.

There was a strong memory of when he got off his taxi in Madrid’s Plaza de España one early January.

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– I stood in the square and looked around, and then a voice said to me; “Now it begins!”

The phone call is still in the profession

Later that fall he would start at Romerike Folkehøgskule, where many well-known boot players before him had gone.

It happened with a cry for help, because when the 20-year-old picked up the phone in a phone booth in Seville to hear when the application deadline was, he was told the deadline expired an hour early. .

– I hung up and was disappointed. On the way from the phone booth, I turned around and went back to the booth, called the school again and was suspended for a day. I guess I wouldn’t have been a shoegatherer if I hadn’t turned around that afternoon in Seville in the middle of a flamenco festival.Type Hellum.

After attending Romerike Folkehøgskole, the road went to a theater college.

Three young men have a picnic
Kyrre Hellum (20 years old) is on a trip to Barcelona with her boyfriend and boyfriend. Photo: private

Unforgettable kidnapping

The stereo was playing grunge music Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

The 20th anniversary itself, November 29, 1993, has gone into limbo, which may be because of the shadow from the 18th anniversary two years earlier.

– What was meant to be a sweet Christmas kidnapping got completely out of hand because the hired kidnappers took their mission very seriously. To put it this way: Never before or since have I been so certain I was going to die the night I lay bruised in the back of a boxcar, Hillum recalled.

Gorilla on the balcony

But also in Madrid, Kyrre Hellum is subjected to creative pranks, when his roommate Pepe decides to scare his new roommate.

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– I was still new to the country, to the city. I rented a room at Pepe’s and one evening we sat in the living room and watched a horror movie on TV. The living room was the only heated room in the large apartment. Pepe crept out of the room, climbed out Through the window of another room, he climbed onto the roof and onto the balcony and, dressed in a gorilla suit, broke into the living room.

The 20-year-old Norwegian sat alone in the room after one The Brazilian masseuse, friend of the Norwegian-Swedish nobleman (who painted Henrik IV), and brother of Pepe, who had just resigned from his Jehovah’s Witnesses, are gone.

– This gorilla costume was completely realistic. I saw a gorilla close the balcony door and go walking towards me while roaring at the top of his lungs. One wouldn’t expect a gorilla to enter the living room from a fourth-floor balcony in late January in Madrid.

Potential, but it needs structure

– What do you think if you meet yourself at the age of twenty?

– A man with potential, but he needs to structure himself into something.

– What advice would you give yourself?

– Get better at language, become a better reader and learn to write well.

TV Carrie Premnis (15) years old. Photo: private. Right: Click on Marie Seevold’s photo.

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