June 8, 2023


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Labor demands tax on stone and sea wind – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

In the past year, the government has drawn attention to higher taxes on businesses and corporations. As electricity prices and thus electricity revenues have increased drastically, the additional electricity tariff has received much attention.

The salmon line has developed a very large division domestically as well. An additional employer’s tax on income over 750,000 has also drawn heavy criticism.

But now Ap can argue for many new taxes and charges.

The national assembly, which will open at Folkets Hus in Youngstorget on Thursday, has a plan to reintroduce inheritance tax and increase taxes on industries that use Norwegian natural resources:

  • Westland AB believes that it should be introduced “Ground rent tax for offshore wind and power cables on the continental shelf». Oslo Ap will do the same.
  • Larvik likes the app Land rent tax on quarrying – and has the support of the county team at Westfold and Telemark «Basic interest tax on extraction of minerals».
  • Several party groups, among them Stavanger Ap, will introduce a new format Inheritance tax. In Trøndelag, the AUF advocates for one “Generation Tax on Receipt of Large Amounts”. In addition to introducing A National Wealth TaxAUF in Trøndelag will also be where the income fell to the municipality Eliminate the need for municipalities The reduced property tax rate should be adjusted.
  • Oslo Ap likes «A comprehensive change in the tax system», tax base should be changed From work to ownership.

Base rate: The question of whether a base rate could eventually be introduced in offshore wind power is a hot topic. Big labor groups like Oslo and Westland think this is OK. Here is a floating offshore wind turbine off the coast of western France.



Land rent tax is paid from the income derived from the exploitation of the community’s natural resources such as water, air and sea.

The expression comes from the English “Clean the floor“, therefore Ground rent Or Country rent.

In Larvik, where larvikite has been extracted from the mountain for many years, Op Deke argued that the municipality should introduce a land rent tax on stone extraction. The proposal has the support of the county board in Westfold and Telemark.

– County manager Truls Wasvik tells NRK that when the local committee in Larvik argues for this, they will gladly send it to the national assembly for consideration.

He says it is natural to discuss the land rent tax for the extraction of stone and minerals in relation to the larger debate about land rent for electricity, wind power and aquaculture.

— But in the recommendation of the District Board we do not directly refer to stone, and there is no such thing as municipal land rent. At the same time, Vasvik says, it’s a good policy to give something back to the community when harvesting resources.

He is the daily parliamentary representative for April.

— Best milk cow

But Høgre Henrik Asheim, the fiscal policy spokesman, believes the proposal shows that every time a new policy is created, a party must first look at who is going to pay for it.

– This is an amount, meaning ordinary families and people, but if our companies and workplaces accept all of this, we will get a strong tax increase, he tells NRK.

– There is a party that now sees the individual as a cash cow.

Høyre's alternative state budget for 2023

Doubt: Senior Vice President Henrik Asheim is highly skeptical of Labor’s proposal for new taxes and fees.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

Asheim believes that it is wrong for those who receive inheritance money to pay taxes on that inheritance.

– They have to pay taxes when they have money, he says.

The senior vice president fears that the introduction of land rent for aquaculture will open the door to such a tax for other industries.

– I hope the App listens a little to SP’s National Assembly which has adopted lower taxes and fees for business.

– But without these taxes, there would be less money left for welfare, App thinks?

– This is simply wrong. We must first generate those values ​​before distributing them. And having a tax system that is competitive, meaning we create jobs and value, is the best prerequisite for generating tax revenue, says Asheim.

– Good principles

Westland Ap is behind the most comprehensive plan for land leases in offshore wind. The development of Norwegian offshore wind is in its early stages.

– If you spend money on Norwegian natural resources, you have to contribute a part to society, like the projects we have in hydropower, and the projects that are coming up now for offshore wind power.

Helge Robert Mitbo, leader of the Sunfjord Labor Party

Policy: Helge Robert Mitbo at Westland AB believes the introduction of a ground rent tax for offshore wind projects is the right thing to do.

Photo: Adam Pietrzak / NRK

According to Helge Robert Mitbo, deputy manager at Westland AB. He believes this is a “basic and good principle” to have with you when offshore winds develop.

– But this is a new business in the beginning stage, which will not be profitable in the beginning. We should not do it in such a way as to put such a heavy burden on the shoulders of the actors without leaving the starting blocks of such an important industry for Norway in the future.

The wording in Westland’s and Oslo’s proposals is identical: “There should be a ground rent tax for offshore wind farms and power cables on the continental shelf”.

Prime Minister Jonas Karstor (AP) and Oil and Energy Minister Terje Ösland (AP) eat brown cheese before a press conference on sea breeze on the electric yacht MS Brissen on a cruise in the Oslo Fjord.  There they present the announcement of the first areas for offshore renewable energy production in Norway.

SVELE CELEBRATION: Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Energy Minister Terje Aasland celebrate the announcement of Norway’s first offshore wind projects before a press conference in March.

Photo: Heiko Jung / NTP

Will be developed

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is now in the process of commissioning the first two offshore wind farms in Norway, with a total capacity of 3 GW to begin with. Currently, the government’s target is to generate 30 GW of electricity by 2040.

Statoils / Equinar's wind farm outside Great Yarmouth, England

Wind Parks: The government says the current tax on offshore wind is not applicable. Here is Equinor’s wind farm outside Great Yarmouth, England.

Photo: Darren Staples/Reuters

Oil and Energy Minister Terje Ösland has rejected the idea of ​​introducing a ground rent tax on offshore wind in two areas that now need to be clarified.

It fits South North Sea 2It lies 20 miles off the coast of Norway towards and beyond the maritime borders of Denmark and Germany Uchira North Outside Haugesund.

– We’ve said that we shouldn’t introduce ground rent in the sea breeze, and that’s also the assumption when we lighten that area, Ausland (Apr) said on the website. Europower In the month of March.

And in the recommendation to the national meeting of the APS Central Committee, it is stated that “basic interest tax on offshore wind is not currently applicable”. But they did not completely close the door on their proposal to the National Assembly:

“… In the future, if ground rent is expected in offshore wind power, a land rent tax could ensure a large portion of the industry’s surplus.” is Bring to society …», It is called

Say no to inheritance tax

One of the first things Erna Solberg (H) did when she came to power in 2013 was to abolish the inheritance tax. But after the Tax Commission recently proposed a tax on inheritance, the debate lives on with more deductions than before.

From today’s Ap/Sp government, the message is clear in many cases: it is There will be no new tax hike.

As recently as this week, Finance Minister Trygve Slaksvold Vedam (SP) denied to NRK that there would be no new housing tax.

Jonas Karstor and Frod Jacobsen

Rejections: APS’ fiscal policymaker Frode Jacobsen rejects that introducing new taxes and fees is appropriate. Here at Philipsstadkaya in Oslo with Prime Minister and Head of App Jonas Kar Stor.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Fred Jacobsen, Labour’s fiscal policy spokesman in parliament, said there were no plans for inheritance tax or land rent tax.

– It is better for the party organization to present proposals to the National Assembly. But the app plan went to the polls in 2021, and now we rule the country, there are no plans on inheritance tax, he tells NRK.

– What about sea breeze ground rent tax?

– Even after the tax committee made its recommendation last fall, there are several tax proposals that have been discussed, he says, adding:

– What we can say now is that there will be no new, big tax changes and new taxes from the government in the near future.

– What do you have to say to Hogre?

– Voted in favor of 80 percent of the government’s tax changes. Hogre says it is spin and political nonsense that the government is creating uncertainty and unrest. Higher education should be honest about what they do and stand up for it.

Asheim agrees with the explanation that Hogray was responsible for many of the tax hikes.

– When the price of electricity is very high, when the power company earns more money than we have to pay through electricity subsidy, it is more correct to say that they should pay more tax. He says we are involved in it.

– But we were against increasing the employer’s tax on salaries above NOK 750,000. We were against increasing dividend tax and wealth tax.

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