June 9, 2023


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Labor retains the “jobs tax” – increasing very low Social Security benefits

Fresh wine: Donjay Brenna, by all indications, was elected as the new deputy leader of the Labor Party at 5pm.

There has been controversy over the so-called work tax and how high Social Security benefits should be. In the editorial board’s proposal, Labor is in favor of increasing the lowest benefits.

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“The work of social democracy,” he writes, “is to give people the opportunity to work.” Editorial board Editorial board A committee that makes proposals for what the Labor Party’s policy should be. The proposal must be voted onIt was chaired by Education Minister Donje Brenna.

It’s about what is being called one of the key political debates at Labour’s national conference this weekend Job tax: The idea of ​​being paid to work.

Central politicians in Støre’s home county association, Oslo Ap, want to demolish it. Those who met were dismissed by the Prime Minister in a speech to the National Assembly, where he clearly said: “Don’t mess with the line of work”.

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The proposal must be formally adopted by the National Assembly. But in the Labor Party, most matters are often settled in the backroom of editorial committees – which essentially adopt their recommendations unanimously.

Passing benefits

One of the topics of debate is whether Social Security benefits should be increased. The group believes that this should be done for those with the least.

“The mission of the Labor Party is to ensure that the level of Social Security benefits ensures that people can live a decent life. We will ensure this by streamlining Social Security, increasing benefits for the least and providing other programs for the least,” the group wrote in the proposal.

They note that a review, particularly of small benefits, is necessary to ensure that everyone has a basis to live on

They write that it is normal to do this in relation to this year’s social security solution.

They will give Nav more flexibility in the criteria for social assistance and strengthen the provisions for applying for loan assistance.

Makes work easier

They will make it easier to combine social security and work so that more people can use their work potential:

The proposal states that labor “must make changes from efficiency to work, making it economically predictable and profitable for people to go to work or to work more.”

In the report, they point out that more people should be given access to organized work, and that it should be made easier to combine social security and work.

They write that they will strengthen language training and rehabilitation, and continue work against social imposition.

Reactions: SV politician Freddie Andre Øvstegård.

Bragg from the left

SV’s Freddy Øvstegård heads the Storting’s labor and social affairs committee. They belong to the government Budget partnerBudget partnerThere is an agreement between the Labor Party and the Center Party to hold talks on the state budget with S.V. A state budget is a plan for how the government will spend its money in the coming year.

He believes there are positive signals from the Labor Party, but believes it is not enough:

– Rates should not be reviewed, they should be raised. No one gets more food on the table by reviewing, he writes in an email to VG.

Rod’s Mimir Kristjansson is more positive:

– This is actually good news for the country’s poor and those on social security. I and many others with me hope that the national assembly will end up supporting the proposal to increase minimum benefits in Folketrygden.