Lady Gaga: He promised a reward of 50,000 kroner

Lady Gaga: He promised a reward of 50,000 kroner

In February last year came the sad news that Lady Gagas (36) Dog sitter, Ryan Fisher He was shot.

The sitter was on a trip with the artist’s three Bulldog dogs, when someone allegedly attacked and shot the sitter.

The dogs were later found unharmed, while the dog sitter was in the hospital for over a month after developing complications in the lungs. He was released from hospital a month after the accident.

US Marshal Services is now looking for a man who was accidentally released from custody after being arrested in connection with the incident, according to reports. Watchman.

Lady Gaga’s dog sitter went for a walk on February 24 and was killed by two burglars. Two dogs were stolen.
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Reward promises

And the Federal Agency announced, in a statement, today, Monday, a reward of up to 5,000 dollars, or about 50,000 Norwegian kroner, for information leading to the arrest of a 19-year-old man.

The man was arrested for theft and attempted murder, but in April, more than a year after the artist’s dog sitter was shot, a typo led to his release.

He was released after attending a court hearing. At the court session, the indictment against him is dropped, but is pending only to be replaced by a new indictment.

However, the documents were not updated with information about the new indictment, which led to Jackson’s release, he wrote Watchman this time.

The police are now promising an amount if anyone can contribute to the arrest of the new man.

Tour to: Dagbladet’s interview with Lady Gaga actually went viral in 2009. Now the video is back in full force, ten years later. Video: Nikolai Delbek
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The man is one of five arrested in connection with the February 24 shooting incident last year.

The babysitter was walking with the three dogs Asia, Koji, and Gustav, when a white car drove towards him. Two men jumped out of the car and allegedly attempted to steal the dogs. Before they fled the scene with two dogs, a man, allegedly 19 years old, shot the dog sitter.

A video of the accident appears.

“Champion Forever”

Two days after the incident, the lady dogs were returned to the Los Angeles Police Department. At first, the police did not believe she had any connection to the incident, but she was later arrested along with four others, including the 19-year-old.

throw clothes: Lady Gaga arrived in a pink dress – and dress after dress, until she was finally left like that. Here with designer Brandon Maxwell. Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP. Video: CNN
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Police don’t think people knew the dogs belonged to the “A Star Is Born” star, but they assumed they were looking to steal the French Bulldog, an expensive breed of dog, for their money value.

The star took to Instagram shortly after the incident, where she paid tribute, among other things, to the dog sitter.

“I still love you, Ryan Fisher. You risked your life to fight for our family. You will always be a hero.”

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