LaFrance Svendsen, The Voice | Lavrans faces a challenge this week: – Fortunately, he is already healthier

LaFrance Svendsen, The Voice |  Lavrans faces a challenge this week: – Fortunately, he is already healthier

Lavrans Svendsen (22 years old) has made it to the semi-finals of the TV 2 show.

He is now just one broadcast away from the final, which begins on May 31.

– The nerves are not there now, LaFrance tells Facebook.

However, he faced a somewhat awkward challenge, considering that he would be singing to over 500,000 Norwegians:

– I've got a sore throat. So I hope and believe that it will go away until Friday. Fortunately, I'm actually healthier. The fever was high yesterday, but it's almost non-existent now.

Good memories

In this live broadcast he will sing “I Don't Want To Be” by Gavin DeGraw.

-The song is lyrically perfect from beginning to end, and it's a very bold song that gives me joy.

He has a special memory for the song:

– My brothers and I sat in front of my father's computer, turned the song up to the highest level and screamed. I remember then I realized how much fun singing was, and I would often return to my computer when I was alone at home.

He says the song's message is important.

– And I think it is beautiful how it illuminates creation, how the world was stone before life came.

Tank of thought

The seriousness and accomplishment are starting to show in the 22-year-old.

-It is almost difficult to realize its size. I feel such immense gratitude.

– I don't know how to thank the Norwegian people enough, because it means so much to them that they want to vote for me even now. I know how much he means to me.

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He admits it's been a hectic week.

– There has been a lot of thought and planning.

But when the disease appeared, much was postponed, LaFranz says.

-And the song helped me realize that I don't need to care about her. That I'm good enough without all the extra shows.

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He says he focuses on what he offers.

– When I know how it affects different people, I can no longer spend time being afraid and thinking negatively about my expressions. Then I put it away for something bigger than myself, and that helps.

What he will wear is still unclear when Facebook speaks to him on Wednesday.

-The outfit is still “under construction”, so it will be interesting to see it. I had some ideas and started implementing them, but after the onset of the disease it became difficult to implement them.

These are the remaining contestants in the order they will be singing during Friday's live broadcast, and which song:

  • Tor Vidar Rennström – “Father's Son” with Steven Wilson Jr
  • Nola Kvarmi – “Ash” with Celine Dion
  • Lavrance Svendsen – “I Don't Wanna Be” ft. Gavin DeGraw
  • Arthur Stollen – “Always On My Mind” with Willie Nelson
  • Eric Zachariassen – “Rain from the Blue Sky” with Gabrielle
  • Inger Lise Hoppe – “Voice” with Siegfard Dagsland

As an additional performance, last year's “The Voice” winner Kira Dallan Eriksen, a Fredrikstad girl, will sing the new song “Why”, her first release on Fredrikstad-based Bakpå Records.

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