Landslides, closed roads and power outages – VG

Landslides, closed roads and power outages - VG
Crushing: Eric Oliver’s car was crushed by the roof by a strong wind blowing on the Stavanger. – This usually happens when it is most appropriate, but a car is an utility object and fortunately there are no injuries, which is the most important thing. Oliver says he can change the car.

Thousands of homes in southern and western Norway were without electricity on Saturday night due to a typhoon. Bergen people are asked to stay indoors.


Boat departures have been canceled due to a storm looting many places in Norway, people have been evacuated due to landslides and many mountain trails have been closed.

A cargo boat with six people on board ran aground outside Jæren during a full storm last night.

– The boat has lost power, is darkened, and cannot move. It gets help from the SAK helicopter that guides them, says Asbjørn Viste, rescue chief working for VG at the primary rescue center.

The boat eventually received mechanical power, and when he spoke to Vist on VG0425, he said there were plans to connect it to the tugboat.

Just before midnight, police encourage people to stay indoors because the wind is so bad in Bergen.

– Materials fall from roofs and house constructions. Western police wrote on Twitter that several roof tiles and other items were falling from the houses and falling to the ground.

The roof was blown off by Barox Rick and Taxi 1 in Taxi 1 in Godwick, Bergen.

Join on the right: The roof of Taxi 1’s trash can and an extension get stuck in the Gatwick air in Bergen.

– We worked safely all day, but incredibly, Mother Earth was able to block the roof of the trash can that holds the charging equipment for the cars, and the roof of an extension flew straight and was well laid on the ground. Here. From one moment to the next, General Manager Robert Azmul tells Vijay.

– The roof lasted for 20 years, so we have never experienced anything like this. Fortunately, this is only material damage. It may have been too bad, but thanks to the prep work done, I think we avoided it, he says.

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This case was first mentioned by Perkansavicen.

Strong winds: Police are stationed near the Sotra Bridge, where winds of up to 31 m / s are blowing.

The meteorologist on duty for the weather forecast in western Norway said Pergens Tidende The midnight breeze will still last a few hours.

The Sodra Bridge was temporarily closed, and two flights from Gran Canaria to Fleisland were diverted to Oslo Airport Cartermoyen due to strong winds.


Three meteorological stations off the coast of Rogaland measured the speed of the hurricane on Saturday evening, the Meteorological Agency said on Twitter. They write that many mountain stations have reported hurricanes.

According to Store Norske Lexicon, the strength of a hurricane in Norway is defined as an average wind gust of 32.6 meters per second for ten minutes. The wind farms that have exceeded this limit tonight are the Utsira lighthouse, the Obrestod lighthouse and the Igroya.

Warning drivers: It was like this on Saturday night in Chotropron in the Westland.

Many without power

Thousands of homes were cut off from the storm on Saturday night.

Pikecakes Power outage maps show that there are 4101 affected customers in and around Bergen.

Actor EnergyThe power outage map reveals 3409 customers at 4 p.m.

Elvia’s Power Map shows 263 people in Dries and eight in Intrey Astfold without power before 4 p.m.

In Rogaland, there are less than 300 Damage to electrical resistance.

Slope: There should be a stream in a pipe under the rail and it is suspected that the slope may be related to this.

In Stavanger, car owner Eric Oliver threw the roof of a car parked in downtown.

– The next door neighbor wiped me out and said a car like mine had a roof over it. I believed it was not my car, but he tells Viji that it was for sure.

Do you have a good video of the raging storm? Send it to Viji here.

Outside of Bergen, there is one more, especially in Vauxhall The artificial floor collapsed Due to heavy rains in western Norway on Saturday.

That’s Waxstalposten The case was first announced.

VÅGEN: A boat sank in the harbor area of ​​Stavanger.

Its the most powerful Saturday night

The Meteorological Center announced The whole storm Winds have been blowing at 42 meters per second since Saturday afternoon and Orange has issued a hazard warning.

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State meteorologist Derje Alswick told Wallow Vijay that the storm reached its strongest point on Saturday afternoon and evening. He continues:

  • Westerly winds will blow for the first time in the western part of the country into Rohland and Sorland.
  • A full storm is expected from the northwest along the coast from Lindesnes.
  • In the high mountains of southern Norway, there will be a storm from the northwest, which will cause snowfall and difficult conditions on the roads.

– Wait on the mountain between east and west until Sunday, the state meteorologist advises.

More and more closed roads

– Vegtrafiksentralen Vest reports that it is not possible to list all roads in western Norway that are closed or where driving conditions are difficult due to rain.

Heavy rains have caused water to stagnate on roads in many places.

– County roads and national highways have been closed at several locations in western Norway from Rogaland to Schckenford. On other roads the road is heavily waterlogged. Drive carefully and in accordance with the conditions, says the transport operator.

Many landslides and landslides

  • A landslide occurred on County Road 5616 in Sokandal, where the road was completely closed. Road officials will take a fresh assessment of the cleanup and opening Sunday morning, the Western Police District said.
  • In Osterøy, Westland, another landslide occurred on Saturday, crushing parts of a building that weighed several tons. 20 houses were evacuated due to the landslide.
  • In Sandnes, some sections of the road were removed Saturday afternoon when there was a large cliff slope 50-60 meters wide and 100 meters long. The landslide took up most of the Hawkelivian located by Hawkelivannet. None of the people were injured, but seven houses in the landslide were completely isolated.
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Got the trampoline in the window of the adjoining living room

In the Oslo area, people were told on Saturday night to be careful while guarding loose items.

This comes after the Center for Meteorology announced strong winds in the Oslo, Oscar and Barms regions until Saturday and overnight until Sunday.

– Oslo 110-Central writes on Twitter that the public is advised to protect loose items and avoid unnecessary traffic in exposed areas.

– Be wary of trees and other objects that may be on the roadside, the message added.

On Karmøy, Saturday night an unfortunate resident received a surprise: when he came in through the trampoline window of a neighbor. No one was injured in the incident.

Protecting Loose Items: In the house, the fire department works to protect the loose plates from strong winds.

Destroying Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom

Norway was not the only country to be hit by the storm on Saturday. In Denmark, storms are blowing across the country. Danish TV2 writes. It will be Denmark’s most powerful storm in four years, and is named after this storm. Malik.

In northern Jutland, police are urging people to stay indoors on Saturday night as the winds are strong. This happens after many people have reported that roof tiles and other objects get lost in the air.

The Øresund Bridge between Copenhagen and Malm மற்றும் and the Great Belt Bridge between the Danish islands Zeland and Funen were closed Saturday night due to strong winds.

Storm: A man travels with his dog during a storm off the coast of Tynemouth in the northeast of England.

The zoo in the Danish city of Randers says it has closed its enclosures inside jaguars and park hyenas for fear that the barriers could be cleared and the animals could escape.

I England 130,000 homes and businesses have lost power due to Hurricane Malik. Sky News writes.

A nine-year-old boy has died after a tree fell on him in a storm in Staffordshire, England. A similar incident took place in Aberdeen, Scotland, where a 60-year-old woman was killed when she crashed into a tree, local police say.

Norlet, one of the largest ferry and fast boat companies in the country, has already announced the cancellation of ferry routes.

  • The Nordfjord route from Bergen to Selje North was canceled Saturday due to inclement weather.
  • Røvær and Feøy links may be canceled at short notice.
  • Arsvågen – Mortavika ferry via E39 Boknafjorden may be canceled beyond Saturday afternoon due to bad weather.

Hardygrutton also reports N.R.K. Their ship, the Nordkapp, was supposed to have sailed south to Molde on Saturday night, postponing the voyage from Molde until 3pm on Sunday.

Nearly 70 requests

Already on Saturday afternoon, the first water damage came from Westland County and Akter. In the first hours, most of the damage was caused by heavy rain, but then there was wind damage, communications manager Sigmund Clements said in a statement.

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