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This fall, Season 14 of “71 Degrees North – Norway’s Strongest Celebrity” will be on screen, as sports journalist and former NRK Line profiler Andersen (48) will make his first-ever real-world appearance.

Because even though the 48-year-old has had a long career on TV, she has never participated in a competition on TV. Before leaving in April She wasn’t afraid she was excited.

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– This is completely new. There are also some opinions about me that I think are sad, so I hope it shows me that I’m different from what you think, then. But it is new, to introduce oneself. There is always the danger of hatred, Sa Hoon Da.

Now that the show’s recording is over, she tells Nettavisen the experience has been intense.

– It was physically difficult, says the well-known journalist.

Surprised by the recording

The newspaper met online with Line Andersen, host Tom Stansen, 51, and co-partner Ida Njåtun, 31, during Discovery’s fall launch Tuesday night – as the longtime host expressed his apparent enthusiasm for this year’s gang.

Alternative DJ. They laughed and cried and did everything they were supposed to do, says Stiansen to Netavizen about next season.

And Andersen could have predicted that she had given it all.

– I was very surprised at how difficult it was. It was incredibly difficult. I’m not the type to make for speed, excitement, and stamina, but yes, I did everything I could, she says.

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Andersen was also surprised by how close the participants were to each other during the flight:

– The cliched idea that people miss, it sounded good. I was surprised. But we had a really good time. We were in the ‘bubble’, and it was still a bit awkward. Hot group chat.

– Just a nice response

As mentioned, this is Andersen’s first encounter with reality, and when she agreed to participate, she was excited about the response.

Now she says she has exceeded all expectations.

– Against all odds, I’ve only had a nice response in the last year – but someone obviously said it would be fun to watch, laughs.

Stensen, for his part, can say that Andersen is doing a good job as a participant in reality.

– Now we see Line Andersen for who she really is. He says she makes a giant figure, so it’s just fun.

– That’s the beautiful thing about “71°N”, because no one can show themselves from a different side than you really are. Because you are so tired. So you get your passport signed at “71 degrees north,” yes, the host adds.

There was no doubt

When Nettavisen met Andersen before filming, she could tell that she said yes to the spot when she received a phone call from Discovery during the Olympics in China asking if she would be participating.

– I didn’t feel insecure. I got a phone call on the bus on the way home from a giant slalom exercise, and I think we landed her during that bus trip, she told Nettavisen at the time, adding that she had several realistic requests after leaving NRK – but she was only interested in that.

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Not because I’m good, because I’m bad at this, but I want to be brave. I want to dry out. She added, ‘I’ve done it now, so I’ve already won.

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On top of that, Andersen said she “had” to seize the opportunity when she finally had the chance.

– It was only when I was out of NRK that I had the opportunity to do these things, and then it was too early for someone to tell me that now I had to be a part of something fun. We had a lot of fun at NRK, but what was off the channel we didn’t get a chance to do. I understood their words, and I hope to have fun now in the next few weeks, she said excitedly.

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