Laptop price increase alerts

Laptop price increase alerts

Because of the sharp increase in component costs.

One of the laptops

The CEO of Razer, a well-known manufacturer of gaming laptops, warns that the prices of its devices will go up next year.

The reason is that the prices of the components they assemble are expected to rise sharply.

Since Razer uses the same type of components as other laptop manufacturers in the market, their competitors will likely notice the increased advertised prices as well.

Especially with those who produce gaming laptops.

No individual components were specifically mentioned, but there’s reason to believe the Razer boss is particularly thinking about the price of graphics chips, as they make up a very large percentage of the cost of gaming laptops. In addition, the production of the next generation of memory chips, called DDR5, is more complex and expensive than current DDR4 chips.

Components such as graphics chips are already getting expensive and under-supplied. This is a result of high demand by players and so-called “miners” during the pandemic, combined with reduced production capacity in factories due to shortages of semiconductors and sub-components, as well as logistical and shipping challenges.

Prices are expected to rise in connection with companies introducing new versions of their laptops, with updated components.

Early next year, Intel is expected to release its 12th generation “Alder Lake” core processors for laptops. It is also said that rival AMD will introduce new processors in the Ryzen 6000 series.

On the graphics front, new chips will be coming from both AMD and rival Nvidia. These devices are not expected to offer much higher performance, but they can mean much higher prices anyway, due to demanding demand and production.

A check with Prisguiden price lookup shows that a gaming laptop with an economy graphics card like the GTX 1650 Ti starts at NOK 8000 today.

If you want to upgrade to a mid-range machine with RTX 3060 graphics cards – which can showcase new graphics technology such as packet tracing and AI-assisted image stream augmentation such as DLSS – you have to pay as little as 11,000 kroner.

The most powerful laptop based on the RTX 3070 for gaming starts at around 15,000kr.

The Boss Laptop starts with the RTX 3080, the most powerful graphics you can get today, at 21,000 crowns if we include the offer prices. However, many models cost around 30,000 crowns or more.

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