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Brann i Lærdal 28. mai 2022

At 15.00, the task force in Lærdal announces that the fire is under control.

The E16 is currently closed due to uncertainty as to whether the explosion risk associated with some of the gas cylinders in the building is over.

At 13.35 a fire broke out in a shed near Tønjum in Lærdal and the fire service was notified. On Twitter, 110 West reported a strong fire and strong winds.

The fire spread to two more buildings shortly after, fire officials said.

Powerful fire: Strong winds make it difficult to put out fires.

Photo: John Christian Jerving

More explosions

Building houses for animals or humans will not happen.

110 Exchange has invited employees from Lærdal, Aurland and Årdal.

Strong winds are blowing in the area. Many farmers travel to the fire city with trucks full of water.

By 3 p.m., police say the fire service was under control. Several acetylene oxygen bottles in the shed flew into the air, creating further explosions.

– Currently, there is no risk of further spread. Several gas cylinders containing acetylene and oxygen exploded and shattered in the building. It did not cause any damage, but it did make a lot of noise, says Nut Doll-Michelson, operations manager.

The fire service considers the risk of further spread to be significantly lower. But, on the way, vehicles like tractors and motorcycles in the buildings may catch fire.

– There’s a little diesel there too. The fire service has a degree of control, if you can say it.

Farmers provided fire-fighting water

Working with alternatives locally is worth it. This is a small slip road that allows local traffic to pass through the area.

Police are engaged in the task of providing a complete overview of who and how many people live in multiple homes. We are talking about ten houses in the masonry yard.

Many farmers have come with fire trucks and trucks filled with water.

Shortly after the fire the next door neighbor spoke to NRK, who had no time to say more and had to fill the hoses in the tractor.

The wind creates problems

At 15.00, Morten Frantzen, at the alarm center, says the risk of spreading is no longer immediate.

Shortly afterwards, a task force in Lærdal announced that the fire was under control.

It is a large building divided into three parts and it is on fire. The building is completely damaged.

Although there are six buildings in the area, there is no risk of the fire spreading to the next farm again after 3 p.m.

– Do you know the cause of the fire?

– We have some notes, but we can not comment on it, says Frendson and mentions the police.

Great emergency

A total of eleven vehicles from fire stations in Lærdal, Aurland and Årdal assisted in extinguishing the fire. Two farmers line up with gravy trucks, but these are still waiting.

The wind posed the biggest challenge for the fire brigade.

– It spread the fire just as it had before we arrived.

According to Frendson, it took 12 minutes for the fire truck to be on until the alarm went off.

– Tears old wounds

– When we hear a fire in Lærdal it freezes on our backs says Lærdal Mayor Audun Mo.

This weekend he is not in his own municipality, but has been in contact with many in the village.

In January 2014, several houses in Lærdal caught fire.

– It tears at old wounds, Mo says, and adds;

– But we should praise ourselves as a closed doctor, because it is only material damage, he says.

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