Large oil slicks approaching Cyprus

Large oil slicks approaching Cyprus

It was reported that the wreck was about 7 kilometers from the Cypriot coast on Tuesday evening CNN.

Syrian authorities reported last week that an oil tank containing 15,000 tons of fuel had leaked since August 23 at a power station in the coastal city of Banias, but the spill is now under control.

Satellite imagery from Orbital EOS now indicates that emissions are greater than expected. The images show that the flat covers about 800 square kilometers, an area roughly the size of New York City.

The forecasts of the Greek authorities, based on a simulation model of the movements of the oil slick and meteorological data, show that the oil slick could reach Cape Apostolos Andreas, the northeasternmost point of Cyprus, about 130 kilometers from Banias, on Wednesday morning.

Pictures on social media over the past week showed oil spills in the Syrian coastal areas near Baniyas and Jableh, and local residents warned of a potential danger to life at sea. A Baniyas resident told CNN that large parts of the coast are polluted.

– People didn’t need this. It’s really hard to live here and this affects the livelihoods of many families who are now losing income, says one resident.

The government only sent sponge kits and water cannons. They do not have the ability to deal with this. You can’t clean the sea with a sponge, he says.

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