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Nonne går forbi Vatikanet i Roma

There must be at least 1,237 victims. Numbers can go up quickly. Experts from independent commissions in other countries have told El País that they estimate there could be several thousand casualties.

Country The information about the suspected assault was published in a report that the newspaper had been working on for nearly three years.

The results of the polls were presented by the newspaper in a 385-page report to the Spanish Bishops’ Conference. From there, he was handed over to the Ecclesiastical Court in Barcelona, ​​where an investigation will be opened. The allegations affect 31 religious denominations and 31 parishes.

Publish Lists

The newspaper was also published He listens On all congregations and parishes, the place and year of 251 cases have been investigated so far.

All but 13 of the cases are not yet known. The 13 cases that were previously known were included due to the emergence of new charges against the same priests. Each case involves one suspect.

Jesus Gutierrez was one of the victims of the violence in El País. He talks about a priest who abused him as a child.

– He kissed me. I remember how he drooled. One day he started touching me in a way that led to ejaculation. I cried alot. Offer to pay me.

Complete classes of abuse

Most of the cases concerned people who abused dozens of children. These issues are called “open secrets”. A common case is teachers sexually assaulting entire classes. These teachers have several classrooms and have taught in several schools.

So far, the Catholic Church in Spain has reiterated that it does not know the number of victims of abuse in the Church, although it asserts that it is about “A little bit”.

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A church spokesman told AFP that since 2001 the Vatican has received 220 allegations of sexual assault.

El País has now collected more information on abuse in three years than the church has collected in 20 years.

The church will not open a public inquiry. Victims must come themselves to the help desks that opened a year ago. The church maintains that almost no complaints have been registered. In stark contrast, El País has received more than 600 tips in the past three years, after sending readers a call to reach out.

“If you are aware of any cases of abuse that have not yet seen the light of day, write us your complaint.”

Several of these have already been published by the newspaper. 251 were included in the report. The rest are still investigating the newspaper.

Legislative change against abuse

In 2019, the Pope called what he called “Fighting a crime that must be wiped off the face of the earth.”

Pope Francis has ordered that all reports of abuse against the church be investigated. The Vatican must be warned.

But the pope’s orders were ignored on a number of issues in the Spanish Church.

This fall, the Catholic Church introduced guidelines for punishing priests who abuse children. The priest loses his position and is punished with “another appropriate penalty”

The amendment will now take effect in December 2021.

Pope Francis has tightened laws against abuse in the Church. However, widespread violations are now being exposed in the Spanish branch

Photo: Gregorio Borgia / AP

Deny independent commission

Although the Vatican has said it will ensure that the cases are investigated and those responsible are held accountable, it can also make demands on the victims.

Because dioceses and religious orders are the ones that investigate the issues themselves. The Catholic Church in Spain refuses to form an independent commission. Although other countries such as the United States, France and Germany have done so.

The report that El Pais submitted to the Vatican includes a list of senior church officials suspected of concealing or concealing cases made public in recent years.

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