June 10, 2023


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Last Taste of Summer: – Last chance in two weeks

Southern Norway leaves a week with a taste of summer and sun. Saturday is no exception, and for many it will be the best and hottest day of the year so far.

But those who believed summer had fixed the roof were getting the cold shoulder from the meteorologist. After Saturday, it’s over for this time.

– It was clearly the last day with such temperatures. Weather forecaster Terje Alsvik at the Meteorological Center tells Wally Talkbladet that Saturday will be good temperatures across eastern Norway and western Norway, with temperatures reaching 20 degrees in the hottest places.

On Saturday morning, he predicted temperatures of 18-19 degrees in large parts of southern Norway. A few places will see highs in the 20s locally, but most places will get 18-19 degrees.

However, as day turns to night and temperatures drop as the sun sets, the weather is ready to change. Better bring an ice cream to the sun wall on Saturday, as Wally might say it’s the last taste of summer.

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– Sees a maximum of ten degrees

Much of eastern and western Norway, especially the southern parts of western Norway, will have fine weather throughout the day and evening, but later it will become cloudy. Rain is coming tonight, first in Akhtar and spreading through the night. And going south-west, the weather changes quickly, says Wally.

Meteorologists have predicted that the next two weeks will be cold. First, southern Norway will be characterized by rain until Wednesday, which will settle down with prolonged weather.

– And the temperature?

– Unfortunately, it won’t be like it was recently. We can see a maximum of ten degrees or so. It will be a big change, so enjoy the last day of good weather. Anyway, it looks like the next one will be two weeks away, says Wally.

Who will be the hottest today?

Residents of southern Norway, however, have little reason to complain if the meteorologists’ summary of the past few days in the northern regions is to be believed. In Tromsø, 10-15 centimeters of new snow has fallen in the last 24 hours.

– It’s winter in the north, so our country has actually experienced three different seasons now. It is summer in the south, winter in the north, and spring in central Norway, says Valo.

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– Disappointment is common

Fluctuations seen now in some parts of the country are more common at this time of the year, says the meteorologist. Now that the cold season is coming, the average temperature in April is normal.

– He says that at this time of the year it is very common for you to be disappointed, you wait for summer and it seems to come, but then disappears again.

Like northern Norway, parts of central Norway will get a taste of winter again. Vali says many parts of the country will see snow in the air from Sunday.

– Cold air, precipitation and low temperatures with sleet and snow for several days in central Norway next week. Cooler weather can also be experienced inland, while western Norway will have a cooler week in the coming week. In the north, winter continues, although it will be slightly milder in the coming week, with the contraction of Wally.

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