Latest news about the war between Israel and Hamas

Latest news about the war between Israel and Hamas

Read about the parties to the conflict and its background here.

This is what is most important now:

  • Israel claims to have killed Hamas’s intelligence chief, who is said to have planned the attack on Israel.
  • Iran warns the United States against interfering in the war and says that Hamas is ready to release the hostages.
  • Hamas claims that 50 hostages were killed in Israeli air strikes. According to the Israeli army, Hamas still holds about 220 hostages and prisoners of war.
  • More than 7,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air strikes, according to Hamas-controlled health authorities in the Gaza Strip. Aftenposten does not have the opportunity to verify these figures.

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the most important events

  • The European Union calls for a “humanitarian truce” in the Gaza Strip

    Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is on his way to attend the European Union summit. Photo: Cornelius Pope/NTP

    On Thursday evening, European Union countries agreed to a settlement regarding the Gaza Strip.

    In a statement, European Union countries called for the establishment of “humanitarian corridors and separations” in the Gaza Strip. The idea is for shorter rest periods of a few hours during which food, water and fuel can be transported to Gaza.

    It took the heads of member states more than four hours to agree on a compromise. The matter was so sensitive that the use of cell phones was banned in the meeting room.

    Spain had long held out its desire to use the word “truce”, but was eventually forced to surrender.

    Many countries believed that a ceasefire would only serve Hamas, which would have time to regroup. The “humanitarian pause” proposal was also controversial. Among other things, Germany is said to have believed that this agreement would look more like a ceasefire and conflict with Israel’s right to defend itself.

    The European Union also called in the statement for the need to organize an international peace conference. There they want to discuss the two-state solution.

  • Pentagon: 900 American soldiers to the Middle East

    The Pentagon said an additional 900 troops have been or will be deployed to the Middle East from the United States, Reuters news agency reported.

    This includes anti-aircraft operators.

  • Rutte: Hamas must be eliminated, but civilians must be protected

    Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says the Israeli military operation to remove Hamas is necessary, but must take place within the framework of international law.

    “Unfortunately, there is a need for a military operation to eliminate Hamas,” Rutte said on his way to attend the European Union summit in Brussels on Thursday afternoon.

    – There is no other way out, otherwise Israel will not be able to survive over time. But this must be done with as little destruction as possible to the civilian population.

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