June 10, 2023


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Lauren on her ‘secret’ flame: – Feeling good

On Saturday, the stage is set for the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest, and among those who will be on stage is advanced favorite Swede Lauren (39) with the song “Tattoo”.

Nor is it the first time the artist has stood on this stage. In 2012, Sweden won the well-known Euphoria.

Played in a famous series

Despite the fact that Lauren has become a known face all over the world, she keeps her private life to herself. However, she has lifted the veil somewhat at regular intervals, telling in February Aftonbladet that she was single.

Shortly thereafter, came the dissenting response – and Lorraine confirmed the opposite NewspaperA that she “has someone”.

This “person” according Swedish Women’s Journal 39-year-old Charlie Leung. Those who watched the dolphin final on Tuesday may have already noticed it. He’s coming to Liverpool to cheer for his loved ones.

The Dane at Eurovision is hoping Reiley will be almost entirely forgotten in the crowd, but one detail grabs attention. Reporter: Organ Ryland. Video: Eurovision, Agusta Magnusdottir / Dagbladet
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According to Svenske Damtedning, Lorraine actually spoke about Ljung two years ago, but then she kept her name to herself.

– He is the complete opposite of me in many ways. She said then that I am fast and he is slow.

Back in 2022, Lauren states that her chosen one works as a photographer and comes from a family of seafarers.

When it comes to being in a relationship with Lauren, he’s kept under the radar, but on Tuesday he sat alongside her during the Dolphinarium.

Cancels scheduled performance

Cancels scheduled performance

– I would like my family to be there, the people closest to them, with whom I feel safe, this is very important and gives off good energy, she says Aftonbladet After the dolphin final.

Furthermore, the Swedish newspaper follows up with a question about what it was like to have him by your side during the broadcast.

– you feel good.

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