Lauritzen Company, Celebrity | Double exit in “Company Lauritzen” shortly before the final: – Very difficult

Lauritzen Company, Celebrity |  Double exit in "Company Lauritzen" shortly before the final: - Very difficult

The date for the hat party is approaching at ‘Kompani Lauritzen’, where four of the company’s remaining six hopefuls will become full hunters in the squad of host and colonel, Dag Otto Lauritzen (65).

But before that time the aspirants will both experience falling into the grip of the colonel’s enemies as they must keep all the information about the rest of the company close to their chests, but also a long, heavy, and sometimes pointless march through woods and fields.

With little sleep and no food and drink, many hopefuls soon began to struggle to keep their heads on track on Saturday’s episode. In the end, Ton Damley (34) and Robin Markusen (27) withdrew from the tough competition.

run out of energy

One of those who get bored quickly is my carbuncle. Already earlier this week Motivation is running out for the 34-year-old and under one Speaking to the captain on Wednesday, Damley said she felt finished with “Company Lauritzen.”Ready to go home.

As so many times before this season, the captain had some sensible words to say to the aspirant, who despite the tears and longing to go home, stayed in competition for at least one night. But Saturday night, she said stop.

– The spark I had along the way suddenly disappeared and the impulse was at rock bottom, Damley tells Nettavisen.

On top of that, Damley says she still failed to put aside the idea of ​​going home, and thinks it was hard to adapt and gather more strength to go on to the final.

When you start thinking about retirement, you almost mentally sit on the train home, says Damley.

The remaining hopefuls clearly had more motivation than Damley herself felt, and she decided the others deserved the final more than her. But she’s still glad she didn’t quite give up the first time she voiced her way home.

When Damley sat in her hotel room in Åndalsnes and could enjoy cold beer and pizza while the other participants were spending another night in the woods, she felt it was the right decision to quit.

– This was the way it should be. But I’m proud anyway that I got this far.

The return did not go as planned

Damley was excited that she was finally able to see her partner and children again after three weeks away from home. On her way to the reunion in Oslo, she sat with butterflies in her stomach and tears in her eyes.

After several weeks of military training, the 34-year-old has suddenly returned to everyday life. For her and co-star, Marcus Voss, 38, they didn’t get the homecoming they had already envisioned, because the whole family got sick.

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But it was still a romantic evening and quality time with kids Billy (7 years old) and Marlon (1). She does not hide the fact that it was unusual to come home again after such a long time.

“I felt a little out of it, but luckily it’s like cycling,” Damley says of getting back to everyday life.

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I mentioned it before Voss was the driving force behind her agreement to participate in the programmebut it was also because she wanted to be tougher again, something that I felt disappeared after I became a mother.

Damley leaves no doubt that she has become a tougher, better version of herself after the engagement. But there are some things that will remain the same.

– But I’m not entirely afraid, I’m still a mother who’s afraid of her children. But I really realized there was a difference between something scary and dangerous, says Damley proudly.


Damley, on the other hand, isn’t the only one who chose to leave the company on Saturday’s episode. Immediately after Damley’s resignation, Robin Markusen also feels he has no more to do in the competition.

Even several times during the competition, Markusen called his captain and said that he wanted to withdraw, but at all times the captain managed to convince him. This time he wasn’t even giving the commander the opportunity to try to impress him.

Markusen tells Nettavisen that he went several rounds with himself before he made the decisive decision.

The whole scheme that we are a part of is very demanding, both mentally and physically. Throughout the season, I went downstairs a few times, and towards the end, I sadly felt the same as what Tone had said in the previous episode; The head was very light, but the body couldn’t do much more than that, he says and adds:

– Looking back, I wish I had more to go on, but I remember taking several rounds with myself before I made a choice.

As mentioned, this isn’t the first time Markusen has wanted to retire. This time he could reveal that he knew what was in store for the next few days, thus he knew he could give up and be happy with his efforts.

I realized that I was happy with what I had achieved and that the things I had been through were a lot to me. The goal of joining was personal development and experiences and not least the movement of boundaries. I felt I did it all and those who stayed really deserved it, he told Netavizin.

He doesn’t care about the beret

last week was Markusen who had to face the fog, came out victorious and beat Daniel Kavman (33). If he regrets not letting Kavman win afterwards, to withdraw shortly thereafter, he says the situation was different at the time.

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– I was in a completely different place while fighting the fog than when I pulled out. Either I give it all or nothing, and then I was in a situation where I gave it all. I can’t see the future, so I regret that it’s completely wrong for me. Having said that, I of course had given Daniel a place in the final when everything turned out like I said, but like I said, I couldn’t see the future, he says.

Markussen showed good conditions to get away in the “Kompani Lauritzen” and get the famous hat. But for the 27-year-old from Troms, the reason for his participation in the program was not ready.

The important thing for Marcussen was to get out of his comfort zone and experience everyday life that he had never seen before. He does not hide the fact that he is grateful for the participation and that it is not every day that you get such an opportunity.

On the other hand, for Damley, the beret was an obvious target. She was looking forward to putting the orange hat on her head, but as her motivation decreased, the urge to wear a hat waned.

boost mentality

After returning home for a weekday without barracks, a rigorous morning routine and mass rallies, Marcussen had no idea what “Company Lauritzen” would mean to him. But he is sure that the participation made him mentally stronger.

I haven’t yet had a very conscious relationship to what the Company meant to me. I even feel like I’m mentally stronger. Especially when I am facing adversity or finding something difficult. On top of that, I got to experience things I hadn’t experienced before, plus I got to know a lot of nice people.

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On the other hand, life outside the camp has proven to make its mark on the musician, who sometimes takes it upon himself to lead his wardrobe with foldable edges.

“I didn’t take in much from the experience but I really think Kompany Lauritzen has a lot to say about my mental attitude,” he confirms.

As mentioned, Damley wanted to be a tougher version of herself, and she believes that the physical and mental stress around being involved was very healthy for her.

But one thing I noticed then when the show started on TV – viewers might not get an entirely realistic picture of how stressful life in Setnesmoen can be.

“When we’ve spent seven hours digging or walked 18 hours without food, I hope viewers understand how difficult it is,” says beaming Damley.

– He would like to work like this

The experience that left its mark on the 27-year-old sitting on the roof of the gondola from Operation Bronze God.

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No one is allowed to do that unless they work with the gondola. At the same time, I remember well when the idea “I can work like this” came to mind. “I’ve recently had a somewhat contradictory relationship with this idea,” Markusen says.

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There were many strong ties that were linked in the Citizensmoen camp. He does not hide the fact that there are several participants with whom he remains in good contact, including Denis Seva Lee (28), Emily Neering (26) and Mayo Indiran (31).

Markusen says he describes the experience as very difficult for those he talks to, even though he did it all again, he concludes.

– It’s not strange

There is no doubt that “Kompani Lauritzen” is a great stress for the participants, and both the physical and mental aspect of the competition eats up the participants throughout the stay. They were pushed beyond their comfort zone, and some participants were on the verge of giving up.

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This season, there were several participants who wanted to opt out during the stay, including the aforementioned Markusin and Damley, but also Denis Seva Lay (28). The former was persuaded to continue even several times by Commander Dumley at once, While Seva Lai had to retire due to a knee injury. Daniel Frank (47) also had to retire early from residency when he sprained his neck.

TV 2 Press Director Jan-Petter Dahl told Nettavisen that it’s not new that many of the “Kompani Lauritzen” participants have expressed a desire to throw in the towel when rehearsals get tough.

– In all seasons of ‘Kompani Lauritzen’ we’ve had participants who thought of quitting, which is quite expected as they are pushed and challenged in different ways during the recording. This year’s season, recordings lasted eight days longer than the first two seasons, making the stay even more intense and demanding for participants who were there longer, he says and continues:

– The whole point of “Kompani Lauritzen” is that participants must step out of their comfort zone, and face physical and mental challenges. Then it is to be expected that there will be situations where someone would consider withdrawing. In such cases, the leader tries to motivate the participant to stay out of the race, among other things by making him understand that there is always more to give – and that he will come out stronger by continuing. The leader has extensive experience in dealing with such situations.

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