February 4, 2023


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Lea Isadora Behn: Reveals the details of elite football

Lea Isadora Behn: Reveals the details of elite football

On the weekends share Lea Isadora Behn (17) Le Bal des Debutantes, et Party event in Paris.

The guests of the debutante ball were carefully selected, the list of guests included the daughters of the Hollywood elite, businessmen, politicians and the royal family.

During the ball, Behn was able to tell, among other things, about her close relationship with her mother, Princess Martha Louise (51).

Inheritance scope: Lea Isadora Behn is currently on “Powerwomen,” where she’s candid about her relationship in the royal chain of succession. Video: Viaplay/Red Runner
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We have a very close bond, and I greatly appreciate her advice. There is something special about being alone with her in Paris, Behn tells German magazine Gossip Package.

The beauty influencer can reveal to the magazine that Paris is her favorite city, and that she thinks it’s great that she can meet people from all over the world at the ball.

It wouldn’t be a ball without two dancers, so the 17-year-old didn’t arrive at the festivities alone.

Her knight in the evening was Maharaja Lakshraj Singh (18). Lakshraj is part of the royal family of Jaipur in India.

Maharaja is an Indian princely title which actually means great king, according to Large Norwegian Encyclopedia.

Since the constitutional amendment in 1971, the Maharaja has not had real power in the country, but they still live a life of luxury, according to the French website Royal history.

Future plans: Leah Isadora Behn shares future plans for ‘Powerwomen’. Video: Viaplay/Red Runner.
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When asked if “Le Bal” wouldn’t be the perfect setting to parade a boyfriend for the first time, Behn can reveal that she had to decide who her “plus one” would actually be this summer — before she and her boyfriend got together.

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– He came into my life then, and then it was too late to change. It would be nice to have him with him, but I can’t wait to get to know my knight.

It was in November that she could She confirms that she has found her boyfriend.

The 17-year-old recently made a name for herself on TikTok, where she has around 300,000 followers. She won too The price is within the beauty During last year’s Vixen Awards, and he’s currently with the “Powerwomen” series.

Emphasizes: Love blossoms for Leah Isadora Behn, who confirms that she has found a boyfriend.
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She also tells German gossip a bit about what it’s like to be a beauty influencer.

I always try to be myself. I want to show my followers that they should do what feels right and that no one should be caving in to others.