Leader: Darkness in closed rooms

Leader: Darkness in closed rooms

10th Anniversary July 22 is an opportunity to retell the story of the worst event in history in peacetime Norway.

The past decade has provided, first, an important legal settlement with the offender.

We hope everyone with injuries in body and mind gets all the help they still need.

In the next decade, a new government district will be built, and nothing less.

Norway has made significant investments in security and emergency preparedness. Because we have to plan for something similar to happen again.

running Questions remain. How could this happen – in Norway.

Some predicted that after the financial crisis (2008-2009), politics would shift to the left, toward larger societies, and more democratic governance. We’ve got it in many areas, but at the same time we’ve got many of the most extreme ruling figures the world has seen in 70 years, with Donald Trump at its helm, leaders who sow division and much worse.

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These days Several books describe the end of the Trump regime.

One book specifically describes the course of the January 6 attack on Congress in Washington. A few days earlier, Defense Chief General Mark Milley predicted that Trump might have a “Reichstag moment,” and compared how Hitler used fire in the Berlin parliament in 1933 to impose a dictatorship.

Mielle gathered his closest defensive peaks and made it clear that the coup attempt would not succeed. “We are the ones who own the guns.”

At the opening ceremony on January 20, Millie made it clear that the capital would be surrounded by “steel”. “The Nazis will not enter.”

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trump It came to power in part as a result of the fact that closed spaces were formed in open societies, as opposed to spaces created in totalitarian societies.

With the advent of so-called “social” media, this was hailed as democracy and the eventual victory of freedom over the control and harmonization of ideas and thoughts.

Instead, some of these digital rooms have become hotbeds of pure madness, the madness that the perpetrator planted on July 22 and was a part of, a madness living in the best of times – also in Norway.

answer to the question ‘How was that possible’ We may now know that closed rooms are dangerous.

One tool to counter these threats is to spotlight conspiracies, counter the conspiracies with facts, and open debate.

Because as in the folk tales, the dwarf cracks when the sun rises.

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