leader speech | An exciting weekend

leader speech |  An exciting weekend

boss This is a leader. The editor expresses the position of the newspaper.

On Saturday night, there was an incident in Umot that fortunately belonged to the absolute rarity; The police shoot to neutralize another human being. This time a teenage boy. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured. Police describe it as an extremely dangerous situation as the person concerned must have been threatened with a dangerous weapon. The police do a lot of training in such situations. To be allowed to carry weapons in service, you must have regular endorsements. The police must make decisions within a few seconds which will then be investigated by the office. Shooting someone should be a last resort.

The cause of the serious accident is still very much unclear, although we have so much information that it is difficult to verify 100 percent. As a local newspaper, we should not speculate, but report verified things.

We know a lot of details went viral on social media over the weekend. Then there is also room for a lot of speculation that can turn into facts that aren’t true at all. There must have been a youth party somewhere in Umot where many people were present. A person left there who later allegedly threatened one or more people before the police were called, and when the person was going to be arrested, the police felt they had no other options but to shoot the hit after a warning shot had been fired. The Special Unit is now investigating the case.

Many people get scared when such incidents happen. Fortunately, the big picture is that it is extremely rare. We live in a safe local environment in a safe country. At the same time, the signals from police across the country are quite clear that they see the need for permanent arming. In recent years, general armament has been introduced for several periods. A survey among the country’s police officers last fall found that 85 percent wanted a permanent gun. A committee set up last year by the Department of Justice and Emergency Preparedness suggests the same.

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The two ruling parties have stated in their party programs that they do not want this. The Tories proposed “area militarization”, that is, general militarization of areas with particular challenges. What has now been decided is to allow the police to carry electro-shock weapons. Training is underway there and the goal is for all police departments to have access to this before the end of the year.

The police in Norway are not loose on the trigger, although the police can use force on behalf of the community. They rarely use weapons, and every time they do, the incident is thoroughly investigated.

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