Leaders propose cuts in Klomstva maintenance district in Moltke after “brainwashing” – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

Leaders propose cuts in Klomstva maintenance district in Moltke after “brainwashing” – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

The Glomstua care district in Molde spent more than NOK 11 million this year. The management sat down and thought how to save it.

Among other things, patients must be bedridden, they are not allowed to bathe, and extra staff cannot be sent to restless or dying patients.

The internal memo was shared by employees on social media and criticism is now pouring in. It was Romsdal Grocery Store He was the first to mention the case.

Hans Hjelle and Elin Kathrine Simensen sit on the working group for relatives at the Glomstua care center. They are shocked by the savings plan.

Photo: Hans-Olav Landsverk / NRK

I was shocked

Harald Helle has his father in a nursing home and can’t believe what he reads.

– I responded with shock and disbelief. “It’s a list we never imagined would see the light of day,” Helle says. He sits on the Working Group for Next of kin.

What scared him the most was not having to hire extra people to look after the dying.

He believes not putting people on sick leave also has major consequences. Afraid that his father would be bedridden and unable to help him into the wheelchair.

Helle suspects that many points are against the law.

– I don’t understand how they are going to cut more. Today, the service offering is almost minimal. Helle says it will be savings rather than care.

Corinna Stein is a Unit Manager in the Kloemstua Care District.  Here she is standing on a sidewalk.

Corinna Stein is a Unit Manager in the Kloemstua Care District. Many of the proposals in the internal memo were never implemented, he says.

Photo: Hans-Olav Landsverk / NRK

To be crossed off the list

Unit manager Corinna Stein says the memo is an attempt to find ways to maintain financial structure. He assures you that many things on the list will never be completed.

– There are things that are against our norms and our ethics, so that doesn’t hold water. Here are a few things off the list, says Stene.

All proposals were written uncritically and sent to staff for input. Steny knew the plan was against the law and didn’t want to dictate to the staff, so she sent it anyway.

The unit leader is distraught as the list has become public and many people are nervous and anxious.

– Patients need to get what they need, both in terms of staff, good food and the care they need to get well, says Stein.

Drine Sewaldson

Drine Sewaldson is the District Manager for the Nurses Association. He believes the financial structure is too narrow to save without breaking the law.

Photo: Eirik Haukenes / NRK

– Political responsibility

The nurses’ union believes politicians have left care workers in an impossible situation, with funding limits too tight to justify professionally.

– The fact that the staff are very clear that this cannot be resolved without breaking the law is incredibly well done. Ensuring the structure is expanded later is a political responsibility, says County Manager Drine Sewaldson.

Mayor Torgeir Dahl says Molde municipality spends significantly more money Care and attention than comparable municipalities.

So they need to take action to prevent inequality from getting too high. However, residents should enjoy a good and safe old age.

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