Leah Isadora Behn – Pay tribute to friendship with sweet tattoos

Leah Isadora Behn - Pay tribute to friendship with sweet tattoos

MArtha Louise and Ari Behn’s middle daughter Leah Isadora Behn have made a name for themselves with makeup videos, among other things, and today she also works as a model. The 17-year-old has won many awards as a beauty influencer.

Through her Instagram and TikTok accounts, she keeps her followers up to date with what’s going on in her life. This week we were able to follow her trip to Copenhagen.

Behn has just returned from a girls’ trip to the Danish capital with her friend Frieda Seemann. The 17-year-old gave her followers a simple glimpse into the holiday, with a photo circle with the text “The girl’s journey done right.” Here followers got a sneak peek at the new tattoo that was half covered in a bandage.

tattoo matching

However, Seemann posted a roundup showing more photos from the trip – including a photo of matching tattoos.

The two friends tattooed the contours of a heart on their middle finger, thus returning to their homeland with each richer tattoo.

Not as popular as before

Earlier this year, KK wrote about the royal family’s tattoos, and earlier It was associated with sailors as in the poisoning of homesickness She had various decorations tattooed. Times have changed, and today tattoos can be seen in all walks of life – including in Hollywood celebrities With great effect.

Despite the fact that tattoos have become a common sight today, they are not very popular among members of the royal family. Among other things, Sophia Hellqvist received a lot of attention for her tattoos when she married Swedish Prince Carl Philip.

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It is not known whether Martha was aware of her daughter’s invention in advance, but everything indicates that the princess agrees to her daughter’s friendship tattoo.

In the comments section below the post, Martha commented with heart eyes, which likely indicates that she pledges the everlasting little heart her daughter brought home from a friend’s trip.

quality time

The comment field at the bottom of Behn’s post is largely marked by heart-eyes, red hearts and positive words aimed at the two girls on their Copenhagen trip.

Everything indicates that Seemann and Behn have had an unforgettable journey as friends with plenty of quality time – with one lasting memory in particular of life together.

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