Leah Isadora has contracted with team models

Leah Isadora has contracted with team models

Thursday night stocks Leah Isadora Ben (16) Completely new photos on his own Instagram profile.

“The dream comes true”, he writes in the post, coding the user into team models.

Now a 16-year-old has also appeared Group Models WebsiteAn overview of the agency’s samples.

Team Models is a leading modeling agency in Norway, which has been in the industry for over 50 years.

Princess Daughter: Leah Isadora Ben appeared at the 2021 Vixen Awards.
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– Proud to think of you

Congratulations are in abundance on Instagram as well. Among them is Thai Princess Martha Louise (50):

“My dear, I am so proud of you,” he writes in the comments section.

“Congratulations,” writes TV profile and influencer Sophie Ellis Isaacen (27), followed by A Heart.

Well known names like Eveline Karlsen (30) and Hanna-Martine Slåttland Baller (21) greet him in the field of opinion.

Team Models’ manager, Eivor vrebø, has not yet responded to Dagbladet’s inquiry. Dagbladet tried to communicate with Leah Isadora Behn, but was unsuccessful.

Wixon: At the 2021 Vixen Awards, Leah Isadora Behne won the Influencer: Beauty Award of the Year. Among other things, he thanked his late father, Ari.
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– A little stress

In recent years, Leah Isadora Pehn has gained a solid following on social media. He has 75,000 followers on Instagram and 126,000 on Dictok.

When Dagbladet met her last year Vixen Awards Connecting the school with the flu alone is not easy, he said.

– There’s a little bit of stress. This is so awesome, I love what I do. Everything came by itself, I did not plan it to happen, it just happened. But it goes well, she said.

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In October last year, she was one of the winners of the Vixen Awards, so she was able to take home this year’s influence award in the beauty category.

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