Learn the map and compass from my father before his death – VG

Learn the map and compass from my father before his death – VG
Current TV: Berk Rudd is among the celebrities fighting to become Norway’s toughest.

Burke Rudd, 21, knew nothing of map and compass navigation before the television recording. He made his terminally ill father do something about it.

Burke Road’s father was thrilled to have his son joined 71°N: Norway’s most powerful celebrity, but Øivind Ruud himself could not see the result on TV. He died of cancer in April of this year, one month before recording. Father Rudd turned 54 years old.

On Thursday’s episode, the freestyle rider from Byrom talks about how he learned important lessons from his father recently.

– My father sat in the hospital bed in the living room and I was next to him on the sofa. Then we sat there with the map. The 21-year-old said on TV: He made roads, and then I found a compass.

Burke told VG that he was worried his father would use too much energy to teach him.

– My father was very ill, and I did not want him to worry about how to solve the map and compass. I told him to take it easy and I would fix it. Dad then replied that he would like to spend this time with me, because teaching was fun. He thought it was convenient.

CLOSING: Birk Ruud received a hug from Abi Øivind after the X Games’ silver medal at the Big Air competition in Huffgill in March of last year.

Burke is happy for the help that came in handy.

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Map and compass are not And therefore complicated. My father was pleased with the effort and knowledge I gained.

Øivind Ruud was diagnosed with cancer in 2020. After a while Hope to get betterBurke and his family realize that it probably won’t end well. As the two sat there rehearsing before the reality taping, the 21-year-old felt the end was near.

– Then it went mostly in one direction, and it was downhill. My dad and the whole family understood the seriousness. We thought many times that he was going to die. In the end, it was like we were wondering when Nor if It has to happen, says Burke and describes a time full of uncertainty and unpredictability.

For Burke, the situation was difficult to handle. He didn’t think much about death itself. Instead, he was grateful that his father was still present.

– As long as he wanted it himself and had no pain, I wanted him there. There’s always hope for as long as you’ve wished for, and we’ve done it along the way.

A free person can, among other things, show off Gold Medal in Youth Olympics, multiple gold and silver medals in the X Games and gold and silver medals in the downhill. My dad was Øivind important supporter In all years.

Burke is now ready for the future without a father by his side.

It is often difficult for people who have not experienced something like this to know how they handled the situation. But when you sit in it, you can’t do anything about it. The thought of losing a loved one is embarrassing and impossible to comprehend, but when you do He is There, then there is nothing else that can be done. You just have to stand in it.

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Burke gives his father a lot of credit for his good mood and positive attitude.

My father raised me and taught me how to deal with life, and that’s something I feel I have good control over. Life is a mixture of ups and downs, so this lesson means a lot.

Supporter: Burke and Abi Øivind Rud at Hafjell last spring.

On Thursday’s episode, Burke said he had the best dad in the world, and that “even though he’s watching from above, it’s just so sad.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of reunification after death?

– Such things are very difficult, and I have no prerequisites to say neither one nor the other. At the same time, I know that Dad will always be in our hearts and follow me and the rest of the family through life.

Burke chose to stand in important competitions when his father was ill. His main focus was skating and his work, but suddenly life was turned upside down.

When such things are tested, family always comes first. You clearly know that. Whether I should be in the Olympics or the World Cup. No other situation gets big then, it’s that simple. At least that’s the case for me, who has nice parents.

TV competitors: Behind the left: Chaoyi Bagua (who smoked outside the house), Agnet Hosebe, Rasmus Wolde, Celia Nimoen and Burke Rudd. Ahead left: Mona Berntsen, Thomas Nomi, host Tom Stansen, Cecilia Projos, Peter Schjerven and Aurora Goode.

71°N became a welcome respite after his father’s death. Birch, who was also New Year’s wreathI got a golden opportunity to put life on hold for a while and relax with new acquaintances.

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– It was great to experience the beauty of our nature. Norway has a lot to offer. I am a man by nature, as was my father.

Naturman: Burke Road at Camp 71°N.

Now the freelance designer is facing busy times.

The Olympic season is approaching, and it’s big. But before that, there will be many more competitions that I am looking forward to. The next big event is the opening of the World Cup in Switzerland at the end of October. Then I had the opportunity to see my performance this season, which is exciting.

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