Leif Einar Lothe, Lothepus | Leif Einar “Lothepus” Lothe with “Lothegass”: – Should not be used to explode

Leif Einar Lothe, Lothepus |  Leif Einar “Lothepus” Lothe with “Lothegass”: – Should not be used to explode

(Hardanger Folkplot) “Lothekas – Zisla Good Propane” read a large pink banner inside Camp Lothekas. Nippon Gases is the supplier of the engine and it is operated by their local agent, Tess Oda.

Geir Ole Ørnes, marketing manager at Nippon Gases, can say there are 28 such vending machines in southern Norway.

– But surely not everyone is as adapted to local conditions as this?

– No, this Lothegass vending machine is completely unique, and it's unthinkable that there will be another one at the new Hjøllo campsite, Ørnes replied with a smile.

A large number of visitors attended the official opening of the 24-hour gas distributor “Lothegas” at the motorhome camp on Friday. The project is a collaboration between Nippon Gases, Des Oda and Camp Lothebus.

– These people need gas

The founder of Lotegas is Oding Sigurd Haukeli, Managing Director of Nippon Cases Northern Europe. The idea to install the unique machine came when he came home to visit his mother, who lives in a flat in nearby Almarket.

– I have a view from my mom's balcony of all the motorhomes below, and I quickly thought that all of these people need gas. The whole gang, Haukely says.

He contacted Leif Einar “Lothepus” Lothe, who was initially not entirely positive about the plan to install a propane dispenser inside the campsite.

– The first thing he said was that I should go back to the camper and lie down. But after a few rounds we came to an agreement on the name Lothegas as well, laughs Haugeli.

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– Lothebus also showed no interest in holding an official opening ceremony like today. He finally said OK, on ​​the condition that “there should be no bloody horn music,” adds the foreign oddity.

Of course, the machine should be styled pink along with the rest of the signage at Camp Lothebus.

Lotte says many motorhome tourists arrive late at night and are often without propane gas.

– In addition, they may have freezing and hungry children in the car. Now all you have to do is go straight to the vending machine and get a new propane bottle, and you don't have to stress about contacting other people, says Lothebus.

Lotherus, Lothesnus, now Lothegass. HF asks Lothe if he can name something else?

– Perhaps there will be a little more, don't think about it, answered Lothe slyly.

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Three amazing adventures for Ota

It was time for the official program of the day. Chief Executive Officer Haukeli Lothekas welcomed the crowd at the inauguration.

He can say that Nippon Gases supplies a complete range of industrial gases used for everything from carbonic acid to beer and cider, to aquaculture and heavy industry. They have propane in their portfolio. The company was formerly called Hydrogas, but has now bought out Japanese owners and is therefore called Nippon Gases.

– Now it's been many years since I lived in Ota, but it's always nice to come home. It wasn't really allowed to sit outside and criticize, but after Odda Smelteverk closed in 2003, it was a very slow few years. About 15-20 years ago, Haukeli said of his hometown, there was a lot of discussion but very little development and value creation.

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He emphasized that the arrow is now fortunately pointing in a more positive direction and highlighted what he called three exciting adventures for Odda; Large development plan for Boliden in Lothepus, Trolltunga, and Eitrheimsneset.

– Trolltunga was not “discovered” when I grew up in Ota. Leif Einar probably built that too, Haukeli said, eliciting laughter from the audience.

– The investment in Boliden is one of the biggest in the Norwegian process industry in recent times, so we need to create more buzz about it, said Nippon Gases managing director.

Houkeli thanks his good colleagues Geir Ole Ørnes and Kjell Andreas Hansen for organizing the project together with Lothegass.

– They may think that I am “not perfect”, but joined the madness, he said.

Opened a lot of strange things

Mayor Roald Aga Haug was honored to cut the cordon while people enjoyed free sausages from the gas grill. A pink marzipan-covered cake was served to the attendees.

– I am engaged in unlocking a lot of strange things. But I am a supporter of giving gas,” said Agha Haque, and then he cut the cord and announced that Lothegas was officially opened.

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Olav Prestegaard from Des Oda previously filled the machine with new bottles.

– Both of you can get new bottles and give empty ones. Everything happens digitally, and we're notified when it's time to top-up the Tess, which is once a week, Hardanger tells Folkebladt.

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During the filming of the Discovery series “Drag Me Out”, the drag costumes of Peter Pilgaard (42) and Leif Einar “Lothebus” Lothe (52) were not the only surprises. He had an important question for “Lothepus”, regarding the upcoming wedding of Pilgaard and Vendela Kirsebom.

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