Lenny is looking for the Prince of Dreams, Mr. Lenny

Lenny is looking for the Prince of Dreams, Mr. Lenny

Watch Linni Meister take down the finalists in the video below:

Monday’s “Lenny Seeks a Dream Prince” finale offered a somewhat abrupt ending.

After three intense weeks in Kragerø, Linni Meister (36) was finally left with suitors Berger Heimdal (28) and Joachim Johansen (39) – but when it was time to make the final decision, they all ended up back home on their own.

“I’m very excited about people’s reaction,” Meister tells Netavizen today.

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The popular TV profile had to earlier this season Take a stand with the busy spectators who directed their anger at her Having sent the former “princes of dreams” home, which is exactly why she is so excited now:

– It was such a huge commitment, and people really got into this and cheered for the best of them. Some even fell in love with these boys, and got mad at me when I sent them home. But one must not forget that not everything appears on the screen, and that there is a reason why I made the choices I made. The truth is that I haven’t fallen in love, and being in love is essential.

– He almost had a panic attack

For Nettavisen, Meister does not hide that the experience was difficult, as there was a lot of passion in the swing.

I was mentally and physically exhausted, and tired of using so many emotions. I felt tense and pressured, as well as expectations of myself. So it wasn’t easy, but I wouldn’t have lived without it. I am so grateful to meet such beautiful men, and there may be many more ladies standing with open arms to receive them, she says and laughs.

It was also mentally exhausting for the last suitors.

– I don’t remember much of the final, because I was a little puffed up in my head. There was a lot of impression that day, Berger Heimdahl tells Nettavisen, revealing something not shown in the last episode that really shows just how dire the situation is:

– When I stood there on the stairs and heard that everything was ready and that I could come, I finally took a deep breath, and then had a panic attack. Because then the whole experience came into play. Then it’s over. What happens next? What will happen now? Then I had to retire and go down one floor. Then came the reality check, so to speak.

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It all turned out to be a horrific experience for Heimdahl.

– Then the workers in production and health came running and wondering what happened. And I didn’t know why I cried, but it was too much, the now 28-year-old remembers later.

So many feelings to swing

Linni Meister notes that during the recording she did not fall in love with Heimdal or Johansen, and this was ultimately the reason why she chose to part with them.

– I’ve known since kindergarten what infatuation is. I remember very well how it was, and recently something happened naturally. It’s not something I should force or try to work on. It wasn’t the case for me, at least. So I never had that feeling, but I tried.

The love affair with Heimdal and Johansen did not fully blossom either, but they did not hide the fact that feelings were fickle.

I find it hard to fall in love with a place like this. The fact that you’re getting a little emotional and noticing that it’s something you can build on is totally normal, and there’s a lot of emotion to swing, but it just takes me a bit more time to fall in love, Heimdal shares.

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Joachim Johansen also acknowledges that something was going on.

I won’t hide that I’m starting to feel some feelings for Lenny. She’s a great lady and we have good chemistry. It’s a pity we didn’t get more time together, it may have developed more outside of this, he says candidly to Netavizen.

However, he had little hope:

– I was hoping to get picked and we could date a bit on the outside to see if there was something to build on, but maybe it was a back and forth. I don’t know if I was comfortable or not, but I felt something good when I got this message. I was so tired in my head that I was done a bit, he says.

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Doesn’t seem very open

Berger Heimdahl and Joachim Johansen both felt they might not make it to the final.

– When I got there, I really noticed in the general atmosphere that the result said itself. I understood what was to come. Because compared to other dates I’ve had with Linni, where there was always so much energy and it was just so obvious that it was gira and that this was going to be fun, it was something different. When I saw her in her eyes there, I saw that the atmosphere was quite different, Heimdall tells Nettavizen.

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For his part, Johansen felt it was hard to predict what would happen along the way during filming.

– It was special, because I feel like I used to be good at reading whether anyone was interested in me or not. But with Lenny, I couldn’t quite explain it. I tend to shy away a bit if I don’t read the signs correctly, which is sad. But I drove 100 percent and had complete focus on getting to know it, Johanssen shares and adds:

– I did everything I could in the time we had. But if you don’t get the right cues, you’ll stray a bit, and that’s probably what happened a little bit with Lenny and I.

For her part, Meister points out that it took a long time for one of her eleven suitors to become the great love.

– But she went to Jean Thomas, so you never know, and she went “everything”. There are so many singles in Norway that it is not just about finding love. And I was pretty clear that I didn’t want to pressure myself and put this bracelet on someone to do so – so I went several rounds with myself, she says frankly and adds:

– It was very important for me to be honest with myself, with the boys and with the viewers. And I did not fall in love with any of them, hence it was wrong to give the bracelet to someone. Of course I had hope for that, but I wasn’t disappointed for that reason.

I’m still looking for love

Today, Heimdal and Johansen are both single, but are open about the fact that love could be just around the corner.

– You’ve met with someone to check if there’s something you can build on. But in this case it has to fit all sides, and with who I am now it’s a little tricky, because there’s a lot going on. But I didn’t give up. I still believe in love. If you’ve given up on it, says Berger Heimdahl, there may be nothing else in life.

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Johansen also describes himself as “single and ready to mingle” after the television recording.

– yes I am single. But I am completely open to love, so we have to take it for what it is, he says wisely.

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On the other hand, Meister has a somewhat ambiguous answer to the situation:

– Rumors abounded about what she did before “Lenny is looking for the Prince of Dreams”, and what the guys did before the recording. But this is completely irrelevant. When we were there it was trying to articulate something, and neither of us succeeded. For my part, it took a long time before I got there. But I think it’s wise to look at the “Linnis Universe” if you want the answer. And I say this not to attract viewers, but because things come as a big surprise. Ali too, she hints.

– It wouldn’t be without

Even if there was no love for Maester in Lenny’s Search for the Prince of Dreams, she was never without experience.

– This was about life, the future and love. And love means everything to me. Being on that trip was great for better or worse, but I wouldn’t have lived without it. I’ve grown so much and learned so much about myself and my feelings,” she says proudly before expanding on what I’ve learned.

When it comes to love, I’m very serious, it means a lot to me. I haven’t watched this as a TV show so I may have put the bracelet on one and finished it on the outside. But it was very important for me to be honest. Because it is not a given that one finds love. It was never written in stone that I would find the Prince of Dreams – it takes a lot to be friends.

Joachim Johansen would not have been without her either, and notes that he could have done something similar again.

– I think it was a great experience. There were several reasons for my involvement in this, the first of which of course was to find love. But it was also like trying something I wasn’t comfortable with and going “everything”. And to experience this, to get to know the entire production and the whole bubble, was a great experience, he says and adds:

– She gave more flavor, this. It’s been a very beautiful three weeks, and a great memory from 2021. So I can definitely date on TV again. We’ll see what happens, but I’d like to be a part of something else. For example, “71 degrees N”, “The Farm”, “Company Lauritzen” or “Shall We Dance”.

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