Lenny Klum: – Breaking the silence about controversial photos

Lenny Klum: - Breaking the silence about controversial photos

In mid-October asked Mother and daughter Heidi (49) and Lenny (18) Klum pose for a photo shoot for lingerie brand Intimissimi. Klum and her daughter, who is also the daughter of 72-year-old Italian businessman Valvio Briatore, are ambassadors for Intimissimi.

According to the pictures, many people have turned on all the sockets does not depend onIn the photos, the mother and daughter were only wearing their underwear. Many referred to the whole thing as “weird” and “disgusting.”

One follower wrote: “I like to think I’ve come forward about things like this, but the mom and daughter in underwear in the same video is just a little disgusting.”

Synnøve Skarbø (52) was also among those who reacted strongly to the photos, in a podcast with Vanessa Rudiward (46). Among other things, she reacted to the 18-year-old’s breast size.

— but what really got me reacting was that my daughter had a fierce frontal part, which made everything sexier. They are the biggest loaves I’ve seen. Heidi Klum’s D-Cup was a pizza pie by comparison, and it was among what Skarbø had to say, according to Online newspaper.

shocked: Model and actress Heidi Klum is known to many as the Queen of Halloween. Check out what she’s been wearing this year! Reporter: Christina H. Cornleusen / Dagbladet TV
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The duo may not have received criticism from Skarbø, but the mother and daughter have been silent about the criticism from followers. Now, however, the 18-year-old is breaking his silence about the photos.

Honestly, I haven’t seen much reaction. I am very happy with the campaign and had a great day with my mum. I think the pictures were great and we had a great time Sixth page Monday.

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About the massive criticism spread on social media, the 18-year-old says she didn’t pay any attention. However, she takes pride in working with her mother.

– I love her. She is an inspiration. Just the advice you give me, the way it works, it’s all about her…I can go on. She concluded by saying that I love taking pictures with her.

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