“Lenny Looking for the Prince of Dreams”: – Mora was disappointed then

"Lenny Looking for the Prince of Dreams": - Mora was disappointed then

Rolf Eric Sky Volstad, 35, is among the dream lords trying to put Lenny Maester on the hook on Discovery’s popular dating show.

– It’s not exactly every day to be a part of something like this, says the hopeful suitor when Dagbladet turns on the topic for conversation.

Rolf Eric can reveal that it was fun to be with him, and that he made many new friends and acquaintances.

The 35-year-old brags about what happened when the cameras were closed. Then he could sit down and “chat with the guys,” and eventually the gang got a very private unit, says Rolf Eric.

encrypted: Lenny Meister rocks the series “Lenny Looking for the Prince of Dreams”. Now we may have found evidence of who’s running away with her heart. Video: Luna Leah / Red Carpet / Discovery +
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Not that it was wrong to have Linni or Jan (Jan Thomas. Jour.anm) either, but in the bubble we were in, I think everyone really needed to sit down and think a little. He says there are many impressions and it happens a lot when you are involved in something like this.

Rolf Erich also notes that he was on good terms with Sven Grimstvedt, 30, another Leninist fiancé, when they both got up early every day. They made coffee together, sat down to look at the sea and chatted.

– I think that was very good. Rolf Eric says that everyone lives a stressful daily life all the time, so you don’t have time to sit down and do such things.

– What do you think of Lenny then?

– I knew who Lenny was before I went there, otherwise I wouldn’t be a part of it. But it is easy to judge her by what she sees, she has a lot to offer. It has an incredible number of good sides, which you are not allowed to watch on TV, says Rolf Eric and continues:

influential: A Dream Prince reveals his feelings in a letter to Lenny Maester, in “Lenny Searches for a Dream Prince.” Video: Red Carpet / Discovery +
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– I think that maybe now viewers saw a slightly different side of Linni Meister, than they were used to.

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Rolf Eric also brags about Jan Thomas (55), who this year is the Program Director. He himself found the Prince of Dreams in the first season of the same program.

– I was very touched by Jan. Unbelievable person cheers Rolf Erich and continues:

– Jean is very kind, very good to everyone around him. He was one of the first to text me when the show was due to start on TV.

The suitor says he has received several nice messages from the host, and that this provides good security.

New exit: It’s Monday, and that means the new Prince of Dreams has to leave Lenny looking for the Prince of Dreams. We can promise a lot of feelings in this episode! Video: Luna Leah / Red Carpet / Discovery +
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And when it comes to Jan Thomas in particular, Rolf-Erik has an interesting story to tell. His mother thought that the son should try to capture the heart of the famous designer.

– My mom is a typical farm girl. She lives in Stryn, where there is no TV signal and they don’t have internet. Rolf Eric says the only thing they do is be on the farm, and continues:

On the farm: The photo was taken in the barn where the mother lives.  Photo: private

On the farm: The photo was taken in the barn where the mother lives. Photo: private
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– So when I said I was going to be on a TV show, she just said “You should,” and she had no more questions about it.

Gradually, the mother became more curious about what the son would actually do, and after searching in Google for “Prince of Dreams,” she was absolutely sure that the son would date Jean Thomas. At that time, only the old season appeared during the quest.

Maura called right before the party and asked if the recording was ok. Rolf Erich replied that it went well and then the conversation ended – but ten seconds later she called again:

“But you, if you are to become part of such a program first, you can give me the message that you are gay,” said the mother then.

– Then I said “But honey, I dated Lenny Maester then. Jan Thomas co-host,” says Rolf Erich, following her with a laugh:

“It was unfortunate,” she said at the time.

He continues, saying that he was raised in an open-minded environment, and that his mother is probably tired of all the ladies he has – it’s time for him to calm down.

intimate: Lenny Meister reveals that she was intimate with one of the stars on “Sofa”. Pictures: TV 2
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My mom loves Jean Thomas, Rolf Eric adds.

Her mother, Elaine Rusten, 60, told Dagbladet that she should call her son to ask if he was gay.

– “But precious vein,” I thought, by all means, that my son had ladies. Kind, beautiful ladies. But then I thought about it, and had to call, and asked “Why didn’t you say you were gay?” She says, and continues:

– I who did not understand what he said, I am too fast, simply put. I was the one who misunderstood, I thought he was going to date Jean Thomas. For me, it didn’t matter. I think Jean Thomas is a very nice person.

– How’s love now?

No comment, answers Rolf Erich.

But what the current TV suitor can reveal is that his inbox is filled with messages from strangers.

reveal: On the TV show Sofa, Mia Gundersen and Lenny Meister revealed their real names. Video: TV 2
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“Obviously there are many who hope it’s not me and Lenny,” Rolf Erich laughs and says he’s kind to the attention.

It is estimated that he receives messages from about 100 different people each day.

Rolf Eric also reveals that he and Sven from “The Dream Prince” have now applied for a new reality show: The Farm.

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