Leonardo DiCaprio: – A new torch in the binoculars

Leonardo DiCaprio: - A new torch in the binoculars

hollywood magic Leonardo DiCaprio (47) They’ve been getting quite a bit of attention lately because of their romantic relationships, and perhaps the age group they’re particularly into.

In recent years, there have been several theories on the Internet that the actor is not dating women who have turned 26. This again became a topic after breaking up with him Camila Moroni’s Girlfriend (25) last week.

But despite the recent breakup, the 47-year-old doesn’t waste time in heartbreak. to me us weekly Because he will have a new star in his sight.

new torch

Like many of DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriends, the new flame is also a familiar face in Hollywood. He is said to have recently shown an interest in 27-year-old model Gigi Hadid.

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Reveals an exclusive source in the latest issue of the magazine.

– Leo bets on Gigi, but she doesn’t show any interest. They are friends, but she doesn’t want to be romantic with him right now.

The source further says that although the “Titanic” star has an “eye” for the world-famous model, this should not be mutual.

Last year, it became known that Hadid and artist Zayn Malik (29 years old) had separated, after He was in an on-off relationship Since 2015. In the fall of 2020, the duo became parents for the first time at that time The daughter saw the light of day,.

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rest time

If you look at DiCaprio’s previous romantic interests, you can see that the model is two years older than the actor’s alleged preference.

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After the recent split between DiCaprio and Morrone, there has been a flood of humorous posts about how the star actor only dates women under the age of 26.

The former couple had an age difference of 23 years, which is Moroni mentioned himself In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2019

There are a lot of relationships in Hollywood, and in the world in general, that have big age differences. She said at the time, I think you should only be allowed to date those you want to date.

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In the same interview, Moroni, who is also an actress, was frustrated that she became famous for her relationship with DiCaprio.

I feel you should always have an identity no matter who you’re dating. I get the connection, but I’m sure it will fade and become less of a topic of conversation.

Neither DiCaprio nor Moroni commented on the matter.

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