Less viewers for Melody Grand Prix – VG

Less viewers for Melody Grand Prix - VG

A total of 532,000 participated in the Melody Grand Prix over the weekend. This is the lowest viewership so far this year.


Shows the latest watch numbers from NRK.

517.000 Watch the third semi-final live on NRK1. Last weekend, a total of 574K reached the second semi-final. In general it was 550,000 who reached the first semi-final and the Melodi Grand Prix. By comparison, last year’s semi-finals saw 802,000, according to NRK’s ​​own figures.

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This weekend’s Dolphins Final received a lot of publicity up front when it became known that host Kåre Magnus Bergh and others in the MGP production had contracted the coronavirus.

While NRK and Melodi Grand Prix saw viewership declines, TV 2 and Every Time We Meet saw an increase in viewership from 468,000 last weekend to 526,000 this weekend. Of these, 349,000 chose TV 2 in direct competition with the Melodi Grand Prix for NRK1. This is an increase of 49,000 from last Saturday.

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Oda Gondrosen won the gold duel against Vilde Johannessen in his third Dolphin MGP Final on Saturday and secured a place in the MGP Grand Final on February 19. But it wasn’t a favorite of VG Tor Martin Bøe reviewer. He cycled her song “Hammer of Thor” three times and wrote, among other things:
“Oda Gondrosen delivers reliable, warm and solid performance. But there is thick smoke with a concocted stun device.”

But the great winner this weekend was once again “Master of the Masters” which was watched by a total of 1,230,000 over the weekend. Of these, 876,000 watched the program on NRK1 on Friday, while 354,000 watched the Mesternes Mester on NRK TV. As is well known, not all good things have come to Ida Njåtun. After knocking out Tommy Rostad and Lika Rigelhuth Corinne in the nightly audition earlier this winter, she had to Leave «Masters Masters» on Friday.

Friday was a good day for TV 2 as well as The Voice totaled 724,000 viewers. In direct competition with “The Master of the Masters”, 418,000 prefer watching TV 2.

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