Leverud refuses to share the report: – It is possible to buy it

Leverud refuses to share the report: – It is possible to buy it
REPORT SOLUTION: Head of Football Lise Klavenice and Chairman Kato Hough at Norwegian Top Football at a press meeting in Ullevaal in December.

The Norwegian Football Association and Best Norwegian Football want to see the report that butchers are at the forefront of football. Terry Liverod says “no” – and demands payment.


Football League President Liz Claveness and President Kato Hoge I ntfntfNorsk Toppfotball is an interest organization for clubs in the Eliteserien and Obosligaen. He believes the report could be useful to senior football, and has asked Terry Liverod to read it.

But Leverud refuses. He gave it to a select few, such as Stig Inge Bjørnebye and Åge Hareide.

The NFF and NTF administrations have therefore opted out of the debate surrounding the report – although national team manager Ståle Solbakken has reported a bit.

We don’t want to make a statement before we know what we’re talking about. That is, before we receive the report. Cato Haug explains to VG that if this is the important debate for Norwegian football, we have great respect for participating in this debate, but we must do so on the basis of facts.

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Hauge says he sent this in an email to Liverod on behalf of both NTF and NFF.

NFF Gro Communications Director Tvedt Anderssen confirmed that a request for access had been sent. NFF supports Hugh’s argument.

Terje Liverød photographed during a VG reportage in Montevideo in 2018.

– So far none of us have received it, but we were offered to buy it. It’s out of the question, Hogg says, we didn’t order the report, and we can’t buy a product whose contents we don’t know.

VG asked Livero several questions about why he did not want to share the report.

– Over a year ago I reported to Liz Claveness that work was underway on the report. In December, she reported the same to Hough. In recent weeks I have made several inquiries and attempted to enter into dialogue with Hough to discuss the report, the findings and the situation. before I do it with someone else. Then to give the report to the top of Norwegian football. free! So you can create a constructive discussion together, Liverod answers.

He believes the report is a “tailor-made working tool and support document”, especially for NTF.

—and yet, they unfortunately and inexplicably failed to answer me other than in several general terms. He also ignores the answer to VG and sticks it like an ostrich’s head in the sand and hopes it will go away, says the 67-year-old.

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– The report, which took a year, came out of enthusiasm to help. When it is not answered, it means that such assistance is not desirable. Why should I give it to them now, after VG and others have come onto the field instead? When there isn’t any real interest and shows real interest in it before VG enters the field, they may have to pay for it.

New Liverod Report

Cato Hough says Liverud called him in December.

– Our remarks then were that we would be glad to have a look at the report. In February, I was told that the report was ready. At the same time, I reported that it was then sent to the press. And when we expressed our desire to catch a glimpse of it, the reaction was that we had to pay for it, he says.

Of course, Hogg says, it’s not appropriate to pay for a report they didn’t order.

– We have access to most of the facts and data that Liverod may have access to, and review them regularly. We’re happy to have a discussion about the state of Norwegian football, but beyond that we have to be open about where to debate.

– Norwegian club football delivers results on par with what we did in our peak 20 years in many of our criteria, and it’s hard to recognize yourself in Liverod’s performance. But as I said, it’s impossible for us to discuss the quality of plans when we don’t know the premises, says Hough.

note! In the face of Liverod’s remarks, NFF’s Gro Tvedt Andersen points to Kato Hough and Norsk Topfootball’s response.

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