Lexus LF-ZC and LF-ZL – display of two new concept cars

Lexus LF-ZC and LF-ZL – display of two new concept cars

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(Elbil24): The Japan Mobility Show kicks off in Tokyo this week, and Elbil24 is here for the latest news.

At the show, among other things, Lexus is showcasing two new concept cars – the LF-ZC, which will be a sedan scheduled to be launched in 2026, and the LF-ZL, an SUV that is expected to be one of the largest passenger cars on the market. It is 5.3 meters long.

While Lexus will only sell electric cars in Norway starting in the new year, the company has the same goal for all of Europe by 2030 and the whole world by 2035.

Adjusts for the driver

A key feature of both new cars is that structural components have become smaller and lighter.

According to Lexus, the ZL, i.e. an SUV, will give a glimpse into the future – among other things with a driving experience that adapts to each individual, as the car picks up the driver’s habits and suggests adjustments accordingly.

This is how Lexus envisions the driving environment in its future cars. Notice the two small screens on either side of the yoke wheel. Image: Lexus
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Both cars will have a fully digital and intelligent cockpit that provides an intuitive experience, with quick access to basic functions. The cars will receive the new Arena operating system from Lexus, which will be updated over time in line with the development of safety and multimedia functions.

Next-generation Lexus EVs will also get the company’s steering-by-wire system, which we’ve already tried – watch it in this video:

Join us for our first test of a car with no steering racks, just cables. The Lexus RZ 450e will be the first car in the world equipped with this system.
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<0.2 cd

Lexus is clearly aiming for its upcoming cars to be among the most aerodynamic on the market, with the sedan’s CD value being less than 0.2. This therefore indicates the drag coefficient, and the lower it is, the less the range is affected by the air at high speeds.

That's why you should look at

That’s why you have to look at the CD number when buying a car

The concept shows a slim silhouette extending from the low hood, across the tapered cabin towards the rear. The wide rear wheel arches are accentuated, providing a balance between aerodynamic performance and a wide stance.

Lexus aims the LF-ZC to be among the most aerodynamic cars, with a CD value of less than 0.2.  Image: Lexus

Lexus aims the LF-ZC to be among the most aerodynamic cars, with a CD value of less than 0.2. Image: Lexus
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By placing the front passengers low forward, the interior should feel more spacious than it appears from the outside. The cars also get digital side mirrors and the information is displayed directly on the windshield (head-up display).

There is a separate screen for entertainment and other functions mounted on the passenger side.

Lexus also focuses on the circular use of resources – among other things, bamboo is used as a featured material in concept cars. For example, bamboo fibers and woven fabrics are used for decorative elements that interact with the ambient light inside.

The LF-ZL concept car is 5.3 meters long.  Image: Lexus

The LF-ZL concept car is 5.3 meters long. Image: Lexus
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The range will double

With the prismatic battery and improved energy efficiency, including better aerodynamics and lower weight, Lexus aims to double the range compared to today’s electric cars.

The cars will also be equipped with voice functions and artificial intelligence, which will provide quick and informative responses to voice commands. The system in cars should be self-learning, and therefore improved over time – and tailored to each driver.

The manufacturer has clearly looked at Tesla in terms of production – the new cars get three body parts: front, middle and rear, which are cast via gigacasting technology, which is what the American manufacturer is famous for.

Image: Lexus

Image: Lexus
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At the factory, the conveyor belts will be removed – the cars will instead drive themselves once they receive the battery, motor, wheels and radio peripherals. This, in turn, will reduce production costs.

Right now, there aren’t many details to be found about the cars in a Lexus press release. The LF-ZC concept is 4.75 meters long, 1.88 wide, 1.39 high, and has a wheelbase of 2.89 metres.

The large SUV (LF-ZL) is 5.30 meters long, 2.20 wide, 1.7 high, and has a wheelbase of 3.35 metres.

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