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Rune Breili og Harald Svendsen (montasje)

After years of trial and corruption allegations, cabin architect Rune Braille came to believe At one point.

It will not be like that.

Breeley and former construction prosecutor Harold Schwentzen were convicted in district court but acquitted in appeals court. The Supreme Court has now quashed this release.

Rune Braille did not want to comment on whether the Supreme Court had annulled his release at this time.

The NRK has not yet succeeded in getting an opinion from Harold Swenton.

New test

The Court of Appeal has proven that architect Rune Freeley provided architectural services worth 28,000 kroner to the former Dijom municipality’s building department head, free of charge.

The department handled construction cases for architectural firms where the architect worked. Nevertheless, both were acquitted of serious corruption charges.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Court of Appeal is based on a misinterpretation of the law.

Anders Brosweed, who argued the two in court, did not accept the Supreme Court’s ruling.

– I think they have set too much discretionary norm. I think this is unfortunate in terms of legal protection, says Brosveet.

Due to the judgment of the Supreme Court, the case has to be re-tried in the Court of Appeal

Defender Anders Prosweed represented both Sventson and Breeley in the Supreme Court.

Photo: Linnia Scare Oscarsen / NRK

Maps and friend services

The focus of the case is on architectural drawingsHarald Svendsen, a former construction manager at Tjøme Municipality, when he built a house in Tjøme.

What the Supreme Court needs to consider is whether Schwentzen accepted the maps as a friend or public servant. Especially if they helped each other “on occasion”.

Braille sent several applications to Tjøme on behalf of the cottage owners. Many applications were processed by Svendsen.

Breeley and Sventson have always said that they are friends who help each other. Ecocrime, on the other hand, does not accept this. Swenton’s position in the municipality, which they believe is corrupt.

The chairman of kokrim, Pål Lønseth, is satisfied with the Supreme Court ruling.

– We appealed because we believe the Court of Appeal abused the corruption rule when they were acquitted. We are pleased that the Supreme Court has upheld it, ”Loneset told the NRK.

Was amazing

They have been facing charges for years. The district court thought it was corruption. The Court of Appeal went to the Supreme Court thinking that it was the legal service of friends.

– I am surprised that Økokrim appealed against the decision of the Court of Appeal, Rooney Braille told the NRK a few days before the case went to the Supreme Court.

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