Lidl will sell electric cars – here is the electric car you can get at the grocery store

Lidl will sell electric cars - here is the electric car you can get at the grocery store

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(Elbil24): It’s been a while since it’s been possible — and common — to buy a car online. Getting a new car in the same rush as buying bread and milk is another thing entirely.

Now, however, this has become a reality. Yes, you read that correctly. In Germany, the food chain Lidl will now sell the Chinese electric car Dorcen E20.

The German company Elaris imported and built the car itself – with a new design. This means, among other things, that the Dorcen E20 will be called Elaris Finn in Lidl.

Range 20 miles

The electric car is small in size: its length is 2.87 meters, its width is 1.56 meters, and its height is 1.57 meters.

On the plane there should be room for two people and 229 liters of luggage.

The Elaris Finn has a top speed of 115 km/h and a specific range of 20 miles. This will guarantee a single electric motor of 47 hp and a battery of 32 kWh.

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rent or lease

Elaris already offers the car on its website for a price of just over €21,000 – or NOK 206,000.

Lidl will initially only offer customers to rent or lease the vehicle. Prices for this not yet known.

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The collaboration between Elaris and Lidl is a clear sign that the auto industry is on the road to recovery after a severe pandemic. The pandemic has increased the need to be able to buy and sell a car without a physical presence. Displaying the various configurations in the digital showroom has always been a part of the show.

With the option to pick a new car at the grocery store, accessibility is greater than ever.

Then it must be said that Lidl is no longer located in Norway and that the Norwegian company was sold to the Rema 1000 back in 2008. So there is no indication that we will see the same show in Norway anytime soon. Unless someone is inspired by the idea.

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