Life experience is not determined by age alone

Life experience is not determined by age alone

A 25-year-old doctor or psychologist isn’t necessarily a chicken person.

The applicants themselves began medical and psychological studies shortly after high school. They are responding to the broiler accusations of Roar Olvestad.
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    Doctor in specialization

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    Student in the twelfth semester of the professional course in Psychology

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Roar Olvestad surrenders The debate topic “Don’t Give Me a Psychologist” (BT August 12, 2022) expresses his desire for “just a little life experience from life outside of the classroom and reading rooms” from newly qualified doctors and psychologists.

Ulvestad also questions whether there should be a requirement of relevant work experience to enter psychology, law or medical studies. The post ends by saying that Olvestad prefers a fully qualified 30-year-old who has spent a few years “putting his finger in the ground”, rather than a 25-year-old.

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Olvestad wallpaper The publication appears to be that many young Norwegians spend many years studying subjects from secondary school in order to attend the above studies. There appears to be a political will to revise the higher education admissions scheme, and Olvestad asks in this regard if any young people are entering working life too quickly.

We mean it It is difficult to judge Olvestad’s “life experience” on the basis of age alone. What one goes through during childhood and adolescence is very individual. Anyway, would you rather meet with a psychologist or doctor who is 30 years old with five years of work experience?

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From a socioeconomic point of view, we suppose that it should be more advantageous to have a fully qualified 25-year-old who can start a career, than to create a system in which all recent graduates are 30 years old. Should all relevant life experiences come before you start studying?

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Moreover, one will Through a six-year professional course, he has gained a lot of relevant experience through internships. Here, students are largely exposed to demanding personal situations.

Universities have a great opportunity to weed out unsuitable students or offer them additional guidance, regardless of age. We agree with Ulvestad that extensive professional experience is beneficial, and many students in the health professions have relevant summer jobs during their studies.

Can you imagine having a 25-year-old GP?

In the end I mean It helps to have a diverse group of health workers that reflect the population. Different disciplines in psychology and medicine require a wide range of personality types.

The clever “Dilligent-Lise” book, which Ulvestad refers to, can find its niche in any case, and is in demand somewhere in the health care system! Moreover, as mentioned, the study itself will facilitate personal development and constantly evaluate the skills of the candidate.

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All in all means It would be a mistake to rein in enthusiastic young people, who set themselves a clear goal of choosing their career, on the basis of age alone. We find it inappropriate to ask a 19-year-old to “gain a lack of life experience” prior to being accepted into the study. From a socio-economic point of view, it is also clearly unfavorable.

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We choose to trust that newly qualified psychiatrists and physicians approved by universities each year are generally good enough to begin their professional practice. It is not at all unusual for patients to have personal preferences regarding who they want to treat. This may apply to age, gender, ethnicity and other characteristics. But in the context of a public healthcare system, you have to contend with whatever therapist has been assigned to you.


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