Light phenomenon observed from north to south – possibly due to space launch – VG

Light phenomenon observed from north to south - possibly due to space launch - VG

In several places in the country, an amazing light phenomenon was observed on Saturday night. Perhaps this is due to a space launch in the United States.


Last night VG received tips from readers in several places in the country about the phenomenon of light in the night sky. Videos and photos sent by readers show a large ball of light slowly moving across the sky.

Observations have come from people as far north as Hemnes in Nordland to Kristiansand in Sørlandet. Several of them made a trip to see the falling stars in connection with the Perseid meteor shower passing over Iodine.

Maybe a SpaceX missile?

Romfart magazine describes the phenomenon of light on its Facebook page on Saturday night. They believe that the light may be due to the launch of Space X, which took place at 11.40 pm NST – in California, USA:

A cloud of what was likely an exhaust from the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket was observed and photographed Saturday night at 00.57, they wrote.

– They added that it is very rare to notice it from Norway.

also Swedish readers of Aftonbladet Caught in the phenomenon of light. Space researcher Eric Stemples at Uppsala University also told the newspaper that it was likely due to a rocket launch.

This rocket was launched by SpaceX in California at 23.40 NST. About an hour later, both the Norwegians and the Swedes saw a light phenomenon that must have been caused by the missile.

– It was a missile launch. I’m 100% sure, Stempels says.

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You see rocket fuel creating a cloud of tiny particles that reflect sunlight. It often resembles a funnel or a triangle.

Stempels also believes that it is about the SpaceX rocket, which was supposed to take 46 satellites into orbit around the Earth. He adds that launches happen all the time:

– Maybe once a month. But people usually lie down and sleep. He explains that many people have now gone out to see the mares.

Norwegians on the stars

The Perseid meteor shower lasts for about 20 days in July to August every year.

Morten Billet of the Norwegian Meteor Network explains that they are at their strongest from 12 to 13 August each year.

– Then there are the most meteors per hour and they are observed as stars falling across the sky, he says.

Southerner Adrian Jacobsen says he was on a business trip en route through Elverum, when he was on his way to see film stars with someone he was traveling with.

– We caught a glimpse of something in front of the windshield. He had a high and steady speed. Eventually it disappeared behind the clouds before reappearing, he says, and continues:

– Then it began to become very bright, and it seemed that it was going to explode. For us, it lit up the entire sky, Jacobsen tells VG on Friday night.

Shooting stars: This is what the Perseid meteor looked like through the camera lens in Israel in 2020.

VG has been in contact with the police districts from which the reports came. They have heard little about the phenomenon of light.

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– I haven’t heard anything about her. We have a lot of phenomena on the ground, but nothing in the air, Operations Director Per Solberg in the Innlandet Police District tells VG.

do you remember this? In 2021, a meteorite bulge caused an uproar in several places in the country.

In Agder, the police received one report of lights in the air:

– We got a message just before 2:00. The caller noticed a white light crossing the sky. No sound was heard. The light was going very slowly, and he said it might look like some smoke was coming out of it. It ranged from clear to inconspicuous and should be visible for about three minutes, says Operations Director Lars Heiberg in the Agder police district.

Both the police departments in Oslo and Nordland told VG that they had not received any reports of such a phenomenon.

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