Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain | Heglund on the Paris Saint-Germain trio:

Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain |  Heglund on the Paris Saint-Germain trio:

Per-Jarle Heggelund looks forward to commenting on French football in the future.

The internet newspaper is on the inside field when PSG face Monaco on Sunday evening. Broadcast starts at 20:20 and can be watched on Nettavisen or Live Sports.

On Friday, it became known that Amedia had included veteran commentator Per-Jarle Heggelund as the new Direktesport commentator.

The Finn has nearly 1,000 matches behind him from the Italian Serie A and the English Premier League. Now he will be commenting on French football and the first division in the future.

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– Ligue 1 this season is pure Punk. It’s chaos, noise, big stars and big talent. Heggelund tells Nettavisen that this is a product we should put together, I am 100% convinced.


– It’s a starting point – no doubt about it. Ligue 1 is a starting point for the greatest talent, so focusing on the younger players becomes great. There is also fierce competition between different regions, cities and teams. There’s a lot of hype – sticks and stones fill up, and we’ve seen that this season.

– They’re a little lazy

Among the teams that Heglund will have enough to manage in the future is Paris Saint-Germain.

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With stars such as Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar in the stable, the file commentator is looking forward to seeing what the French capital’s side can achieve.

– You have the feeling that he crashes and goes there. They have three up front who don’t bother running home, but they still rush in both the Champions League and Ligue 1. It feels a bit strange. We knew before the season that it was like someone cheated with the editor in Football Manager or had a lot of money in FUT FIFA – that you can just make the dream team of all time.

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– But then you should succeed, too. I have a feeling PSG is working a little bit on a 70 percent machine. For PSG, that means that yes, they will probably win the first division, but when you come in the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Champions League, that is really important. Everything else in that tournament isn’t good enough for that mechanism and team, says Heggelund.

The trio at the top have come under a lot of criticism this season, thanks in large part to their lack of defensive contributions. It is clear that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is among those who would not accept such an effort at work.

– I hope on their part that they work on a machine at 70 percent. But the problem is that they are a bit lazy – they are. A coach like Klopp has likely pushed them into the wall, those three guys up front, because they can’t stand the push. But we’ll see beyond the season, if things are right for PSG.

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Messi was never that player before

Live sports commentator Robin Haugen agrees with his new teammate that the Paris Saint-Germain trio at the top are weak when it comes to work effort. At the same time, this has clearly not been a problem for Messi in the past.

Messi is like that, but he wasn’t that player before, so it’s no surprise he doesn’t do that job now either. In Barcelona, ​​there was a team working around him, which allowed him to. In Paris Saint-Germain it is too much. “You have Neymar and Mbappe who don’t have that as the strongest team, and there is simply too much space, especially in the middle, when there are three going away,” Hugin tells Nettavisen.

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In addition, Hogan points out that there are several teams in the French league that maintain a high level, which gives the capital club a good match.

– I think people think PSG should be clear in front of others, and they should be in the first place. But I like many other teams. They are physically strong and there is a pace that impresses me. You may be a little frustrated with PSG because they don’t dominate as well as they do, but you’re more impressed with the other teams, says Haugen and points out to Lens, who was minutes away from defeating PSG last weekend.

There is no sign of overstepping

Sunday 20:45 Mauricio Pochettino & Co. Visit Monaco at Parc des Princes.

Monaco is a team that hasn’t lost in the last five matches, so they have a fantastic Ben Yedder who can create problems for most people. For them, it is also now important to get points per match to get into the Champions League, says Heglund.

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However, Haugen notes that Ben Yedder hasn’t commented recently on the eleven, and he believes someone else at the top could quickly cause problems for PSG.

Ben Yedder has been on the bench lately and he’s in from there. But he scores goals almost for fun. Now Myron Boadu is starting to get on the scoresheet with goals in the Europa League and Ligue 1 against Angers, so he might get the famous ketchup effect. But if Ben Yedder is starting now, he’s the man to take care of him for PSG, then don’t worry, says Hogan.

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At the same time, it is clear that Monaco has not quite succeeded against the big teams this season, despite a run of five consecutive matches in Ligue 1 without a loss.

– When they met big teams earlier this season, things went badly. They lost to Lens, Marseille and Lyon, and drew with Lille some time ago. Then they started horribly and seemed to be dead and buried, so it was Diatta who got them started.

– But their level is there, so they can definitely start problems. If you are looking for how to create a problem for PSG, it is easy to be positive. They go in and want to create things, and so do Kovac and Monaco. I believe in an entertaining game, and there is no sign of overtaking either way.

Watch the match here!

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