Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain | Hissig Mbappé in Paris Saint-Germain’s win over Brest:

Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain |  Hissig Mbappé in Paris Saint-Germain's win over Brest:

Paris Saint-Germain – Stade Brest 2-0:

Brest outplayed the stars of Paris Saint-Germain at the start of Saturday’s match in the French Ligue 1, but PSG eventually beat Brest 2-0.

Kylian Mbappe scored his 10th goal of the season when Paris Saint-Germain fired ahead after the half-hour mark.

Watch Mbappe’s recording here:

At the start of the second half, Thilo Kahrer made it 2-0 after a beautiful preparation by Nuno Mendes. Thus, three points were due for Paris Saint-Germain, which continues to lead the French Ligue 1 in style.

Check out Nuno Mendes’ jagged tunnel ahead of the 2-0 score here:

Mbappe raised

Although it was a relatively quiet evening working with PSG, Mbappe still managed to cause some chaos during the match, when he and Hugo Magnetti got into an argument with each other.

It all started with a simple follow-up from Mbappé after a duel with Magnetti in the middle of the field. Magnetti responded by saying something apparently provoked Mbappe, as he quickly picked up his shirt and pulled it towards him.

Then chaos appeared on the field, as almost all the players gathered around the conflict. Mbappe and Magnet were fired by their teammates, but the verbal struggle continued and the temperature was high, especially on Mbappe’s side.

– He’s not giving up on Mbappe. Direktesport commentator Per Jarle Heggelund said he was very annoyed with Magnetti.

And the situation ended with both Mbappe and Magnetti receiving yellow cards, which means that the Paris Saint-Germain star must stand over the course of the next match because this is his fifth yellow card this season.

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PSG with good control

Even with Messi and Neymar out, Paris Saint-Germain were of course a big candidate against Brest. And 32 minutes later, PSG put up the recipe, although earlier in the match Brest had outdone themselves.

Wijnaldum advanced on the left side and played an easy pass to Mbappé on the edge of the Brest area. The 23-year-old made two touchdowns inside and shot with his right foot toward the nearest corner. The shot was strong and good, and it passed through the post and into the goal.

A few minutes later, Icardi stabbed the ball into the goal, but the referee had already launched an attack on the goalkeeper. Thus, the two teams went into the second half in the 1-0 position against Paris Saint-Germain.

Three minutes into the second half, Brest was lucky not to fall 2-0 behind. Verratti and Di Maria met and the Italian hit the post.

But in the 53rd minute, Paris Saint-Germain scored its goal 2-0. Nuno Mendes played on the left wing before hitting the penalty area and returning Kehrer. The German expanded the ball for cash into the net, thus ensuring his second goal in the last two matches.

The pace of the match slowed down a bit after Paris Saint-Germain’s second goal, but the Parisians presented many good chances. Among other things, Mbappe had a great chance at the end without scoring, and so did Keirer, who did not score his second goal of the evening.

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