December 7, 2022


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Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain |  PSG Butcher stars:

Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain | PSG Butcher stars:

The star-studded Paris Saint-Germain squad is still struggling to impress the experts.

PSG picked one star after another this summer, and it all culminated when Lionel Messi prepared for the club. But the French top club has so far not been able to meet the massive expectations placed for it following the stellar purchase this summer.

However, results in both the domestic league and the Champions League were relatively good, with the league advancing by eleven points after 17 games and advancing from a difficult group in the Champions League.

However, these are the achievements that the big club has repeatedly come under criticism for, and a lot has happened in the club’s trio of stars, made up of Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and Messi.

Paris Saint-Germain meets Monaco at home on Sunday evening. The online newspaper is in the indoor court, offering you everything before the match from 20:20. Watch the match she has!

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The worst team

Mbappe has good numbers to show after about half a season, but Messi, and especially Neymar, have had periods when they struggled.

ESPN’s French journalist Julien Laurens follows Paris Saint-Germain closely and is one expert unconvinced of what the club has shown this season.

– I’m starting to feel hopeless. This is one of the worst PSG teams since taking over Qatar for over ten years. This team is perhaps the most talented individual at the individual level, but it is still the worst team, he says in one ESPN.

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French football expert Paul Thomas Clay believes Lorenz has mentioned something in his criticism of Paris Saint-Germain.

– It’s of course put a little over the edge, but I understand a little what it means. They’ve been constantly evolving, and now they’ve filled in everything they’ve lost and gone through the transitional summer they’ve been through. But they still don’t play good football, he tells Netavissen.

Falling into performance

Lawrence believes, among other things, that PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino has changed the team a lot.

– They can’t play together. Pochettino has changed the squad five times. Verratti played in six different locations, he says.

However, Laurens believes Pochettino shouldn’t be blamed for PSG’s lack of liking for him. He thinks PSG players should hear that, too.

I don’t want to blame it all on Pochettino. I think he should take the most blame, but the players should also take their share. He says I don’t understand.

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Clay believes PSG did not perform as well as many expected, considering all the star players the club brought in this summer.

– In terms of points, they are far ahead, but in terms of gameplay, it wasn’t impressive or blending in any way. At least very rarely. They often settled on matches quite late, unlike in previous years where they largely dominated. Building on what they’ve achieved before and they’ve added extra quality, and then they’re back in performance in some way, he says.

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Champions League joint show

With a lead of eleven points in the French Ligue 1 looks promising in terms of a gold medal for PSG, but perhaps it is a poorly hidden secret that what matters to PSG is the Champions League.

The club reached the final and lost to Bayern Munich in 2020, while in the previous version, Paris Saint-Germain was eliminated by Manchester City in the semi-finals.

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With the big stars of this summer, Paris Saint-Germain was quickly named favorites to win the tournament this season, but according to Lawrence, it’s just a matter of forgetting that it will be the Champions League title at Paris Saint-Germain.

– They will win the series, because the other teams are not good enough. But in the Champions League, they will smoke in the quarter-final against Sporting or something, which is his harsh judgment.

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However, expert Steve Nicol believes PSG cannot be written off, even though they haven’t looked like much this season.

– They didn’t show anything, but you can’t say they don’t have a chance to win the Champions League. He says they have Mbappe, Neymar and Messi, and their potential to crush every team that is out there.

On Sunday, Paris Saint-Germain will meet Monaco in a big match in the French Ligue 1. The match starts at 20.45 and is broadcast as usual on Nettavisen and Direktesport. The online newspaper is on the inside track, and it starts broadcasting at 20.20.